Plenty of Fenty

Plenty of Fenty

Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna. Where do we start with the astonishing public figure we all seem to be in love with? Ever since she stepped her million dollar legs into the industry, it has been nothing but evolution. From being the young Bajan Rude Gyal’ to being an edgy business woman, RiRi has been the ideal definition of the term leveling up. Her iconic career will definitely go down as one to remember and I think we are lucky to be in here as its happening. Those honed skills are allowing her to capitalize on every aspect of a storied career. So far as we can see, everything Rihanna has  gambled on has brought her greater and bigger wins. Rihanna has officially earned the right to be called a business mastermind.

Most of you know Robin Rihanna Fenty mainly for moving the world and several subcultures with her phenomenal display of musical talents.  Making her debut on the scene 2003, Rihanna started that path to greatness by blowing away Jay-Z. After early tastes of superstardom Rihanna took her opportunity and ran with it. She started by showering the world with music almost no one could resist. Her Caribbean roots and style only added to the allure of her music career. She was a unique combination, not only did we gravitate to her music, we loved her style, physique and aura. To boot she quickly became a icon, embracing her body and sexuality. There was a time you when you thought of what defined sex appeal, and it was literally everything she did. As her music career began to flourish she continued to broaden her horizons while also always remaining eye catching, garnering partnerships, and using social media to drive herself as a not just an artist but a brand.

 Rihanna then took her talents to the big screen dabbling in film, and also doing some television. On that note I am very excited for her part in the Oceans 8 reboot. Say what you want about some of the movies, but she has held her own with the parts she has played. For someone who is an artist  she has had played decent sized roles in Battleship, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Home, and Bates Motel Critics will be critics, but if people are continuing to request your services, you have to be doing something right.
 Aside from music, modeling, and acting, Rihanna has also shocked the world with her sense of fashion. From red carpet events to her social media posts, Rihanna continues to wow us with her stylings. In  2016 Rihanna reached higher heights by releasing a collaborated line with Puma named Fenty. Since it’s launch Fenty has been one of the most popular partnerships with a clothing and sportswear brand in some time. Fenty has also been the single most successful pairing by any woman in recent years. The collection captures and blossoms on everyday simplicity and high end chic. Her take on the Puma Platform shoe dubbed “Creepers” along with a line of fur slides both sold out immediately. The success of her collection and releases with Puma have been another notch on the belt for Rihanna, and a big one to say the least.
 Rihanna has made several drastic but pivotal transitions while maintaining her dominance as a artist. 2017 brought us one of Rihanna’s biggest and most groundbreaking ventures, Fenty Beauty. Fenty Beauty covers all makeup aspects, appeals to all skin tones, and did so from launch. The line was released with forty shades in which more than fifty percent of them being currently sold out worldwide. Social media has been in a frenzy over the unique shades and overall quality of the line. Its obvious she put great thought and detail into process of this release and I have yet to hear anything but positive feedback and ecstatic reviews from floored supporters. RiRi has turned her last name from just a name to a popular and successful fashion statement. Fenty is now a household commodity.
 Throughout her vast career, Rihanna has moved through several different fields in our industry. People tend to praise triple threats and quadruple threats but she has demonstrated anything she puts her mind to she can not only accomplish but completely dominate. She has racked up an enormous amount of accolades in her almost 15 year career, and she hasn’t even turned thirty yet! We have watched her grow, seen her critiqued, praised, and sometimes even doubted, but at the end of the day Rihanna is one of the biggest, most iconic minds we have today. I will be looking forward to the next adventure in Rihanna’s amazing journey.

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