First and the 15th

First and the 15th

You know we like to keep busy at SOCIAL. I was recently able to get the “Ashes” LeBron 15 in hand and also do a wear test with the upcoming release. For starters, this a huge moment for Bron to reach his 15th signature silhouette. With constant comparisons to MJ we need to take the time to recognize King James for being the king he is and enjoy this uncommon moment. Having a 15th model of a shoe is no easy task and truly speaks to the illustrious career LeBron has had. For many those MJ comparisons have been one-sided on the court as well as with the sneaker releases, but that may be changing. The Jordan XV is widely recognized as a miss and as far as it goes for the upcoming LeBron 15 that is not the case. Initially I was one of the people on the fence about the model, but I can truly say I have been swayed. This shoe is legit and going to be a pair you will definitely want to have in the collection.


First debuting at the Kith New York Fashion Week event the LeBron 15 has been sparking conversation since that moment I saw it. The initial colorway Bron wore was and is still my favorite (white floral). That night gave us look into many different variants of the shoe too. We saw pairs with zippers and no laces, a zipper and lace combo variation, a SVSM strapped pair, and an pair many didn’t notice a black floral pair on the runway. After their debut Ronnie Fieg was quoted saying “In my opinion, the 15 is the best LeBron silhouette to date and it’s not even close. Everyone will have their opinions based on the photos they see, but touching them and seeing them in person will convince anyone that knows footwear.” LeBron has also stated these are his favorite shoe to date. Trust me, we know these are huge statements to make, but after doing as Ronnie mentioned, we have to agree. There is no way you could see this shoe in person and not like them.


Now let’s get into the wear test. This piece has been full of bold statements, so don’t expect us to switch that up now. The LeBron 15 is literally the most comfortable LeBron since the 20-5-5. I will go farther than that. I immediately hooped in the shoes and they needed no time to break in. This is honestly a statement I have never been able to say about LeBron’s. That statement applies to casual wear of prior Brons too. None of the LeBron’s I own were purchased with intent of playing basketball. I can say I would easily have no problem playing in the 15, and could easily style them. The 15 features one of Nike’s newest technologies which is know as “Battleknit”. Built to be flexible, breathable, but extremely tough due to Bron’s explosive style I’d play. From a performance standpoint the shoe is lightweight, durable, with a relax fit while still having all the support you need on the court.


The Nike LeBron 15 is set to release next month and like we said we definitely think it’s one you are going to love. It’s arguably one of the most balanced shoes we have seen; evenly blending style and performance like no other. It’s comes with high praise as well and we think LeBron and the team a Nike was spot on with this shoe.

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