Ball Up

Ball Up

So we are a few weeks out from NBA season, and whether you want to admit it or not, one of the biggest narratives of the season will be the success of the Ball family. The reason why I say family is because Zo may be the one on court,  but we know Lavar won’t be far from the spotlight. That’s been a thing that’s been tough for a lot of people. Some see Lavar as brash and over the top,  but I actually disagree. I think he is truly the perfect pairing with the personalities of his kids. They come off as much more introverted than their dad, who happens to be the greatest hype man since Freaky Tah (Rest in Peace). He plays the villain whenever needed while also driving attention to the Ball family and their brand as the next big thing.

Slam just released photos of the redesigned ZO2 Prime and they are fire. The initial launch of the prior design underwhelmed many if we are being honest. But Big Baller Brand was dead on with the redesign. This all coming off the heels of the announcement and launch of the Melo Ball 1. In itself it was also a huge step forward for the Big Ballers. The Melo 1 not only drove business forward with an improved silhouette, it also made Melo the first high-school athlete with his own signature shoe. The new ZO2 Prime is completely murdered out with a gold Big Baller Brand logo accenting the side panel. The revamp brings out the premium aspects initially spoken of in the initial vision for the roll out of the footwear line. Slated at $495 the price is still a big pill to swallow, but this is definitely a dope shoe now, and that can’t really be denied.
Salute to Zo, Lavar, and family on the progression.


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