A Quick Conversation with Don C

A Quick Conversation with Don C

This past weekend SOCIAL got a chance to have a sit down with Don C at Nike’s 35th Anniversary of the Air Force 1. This was honestly one of my favorite interviews I have done in a while simply because it was just two dudes who love sneakers talking sneakers. Nike brought in Don to speak on their upcoming collaboration releasing at Complexcon. As you can probably piece together it will be an Air Force 1, with Don’s high-end touch to the silhouette. The shoe itself is an extremely unique take on the Air Force 1, which will definitely be something you will want to pick up. So let us take you through our convo.

“It’s an honor to be brought in to work on one of the most iconic sneakers ever for this 35th anniversary…”

Don to begin thank you for sitting down with us, we love the shoe, first off why an all-white?

“The white on white Air Force is a classic, Nike brought us in to work on such an iconic shoe and I was excited.”

What made you go with the high?

“Well I always been a fan of the high, I feel like it doesn’t get enough love so I had to do it.”

We see you pulled some inspiration from your prior collaboration with the Jordan I.

“Yea I brought back the strap that I used on the Jordan I since the Air Force 1 high had the strap; we went in a similar direction.”

We see some other unique takeaways on the shoe, what are the other inspirations?

“We also brought the heel of the Air Force 2 as well as the inside of the shoe of the Air Force 3 to give it a completely different feel.”

How is it you always bring the finer sides out in performance shoes?

“You could probably still hoop in these. I’ve been on a basketball court with them, but I haven’t hooped in them. But they still have all the same features and I mean Sheed (Rasheed Wallace) hooped in them his whole career.”

So if you did not have to go with the white on white, if you had a perfect choice of colorway what would it have been?

“Man a bunch of them, I wouldn’t even know where to start, I have thought of so many different colors for this shoe.”

Just looking at the shoe, I could see a nice chocolate or brown going well with this.

“Oh man that would be live, that would be luxury and I was just saying people don’t do enough brown sneakers. I was literally just saying that the other day,”

Speaking of which, you know we need a burgundy Don C II, right?

“I know man; I hope it comes sooner or later. But, I also tell people I want to jump off of that silhouette; but I love them so much its tough man.”

So for me the Bin Premio Jordan II was a classic and your pairs stand right there with them; if you had the choice of a next model to tackle what would it be?

“The Bin II was slept on, but if I had a choice of next shoe I would probably go right in order and go with the III. I would want to do them all eventually. But, I am actually doing a new shoe with Jordan. Not like a XXXIII, but a new Jordan model. So I am hyped about that, I really am. I keep on saying I love the challenge of everyone else retroing Jordan’s, I want to cover the new Jordan’s like the next generation; it seems like something no one is able to figure out.”

During our flight in, we actually spoke one Jordan having a bunch of the designers doing packs similar to Kobe’s prelude pack. Each designer gets five pairs being a mix of a few retro’s and a few later models, and you all put your own spin on it.

“Man that would actually be really dope. You would get to see everyone put their own spin on things. I would definitely want to be a part of that.”


As mentioned, the white on white Nike Don C premium collab is set to debut at Complexcon in November, and after getting them in hand, we know you will love them. We thank Don C for taking the time out to speak with SOCIAL and we look forward to that collaboration as well as the upcoming work with Jordan Brand he hinted at.



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