The Curious Case Of Shia LaBeouf

The Curious Case Of Shia LaBeouf

We love to see success in others’ lives. We as people love to hear of stories of peoples journeys, how the rose to prominence on overcoming the tribulations. And while we do enjoy these positive moments, we are just as entertained by the tragedies and train wrecks of others live. Especially when it comes to the people placed in positions to entertain us. Not many in recent years have endured more scrutiny for their actions (though very peculiar) than Shia LaBeouf. The once budding star has had share of head scratching moments, that have honestly probably only made sense to him. Some feel he has tarnished his image and his headed down a road that could only end in catastrophe.

Just to point out, I actually think Shia is a cool guy, I think he is a talented actor and I don’t see his actions being as self-harming and toxic as many think. The soon to be 30-year-old has definitely had some bumps in the road and questionable moments, but I feel like we have seen far worse. I mean other than him running into a neighbor’s car after losing his cool in 2005 and a bar brawl in which he may not have been the victor, most of his incidents have been pertaining to his self. In reality he has had a bunch of small occurrences that have been blown out of proportion. I.e. Smoking in a none smoking area, misdemeanor trespassing, failing to show up at court for a ticket, and disorderly conduct after refusing to leave the Studio 54 Theater. None of these things are too far out there. A lot of these things could happen to an average person, maybe not all to the same person; but definitely happen to anyone. The things that have seemed odd are his other actions.

I think it’s obvious Shia marches to the beat of his own drum. This is the same man that not only wore a brown paper bag on his head on a red carpet; but also streamed a cast of him watching and reacting to all of his own movies (Which is arguably the greatest act by any human being ever). Between that, his motivational speech videos which have reached legendary levels, and just hanging in an elevator for 24 hours straight; this man always seems to keep us on our toes. Some people see it like staring at the sun, while others see it as watching a train wreck, but as I mentioned prior I far from see it that way. I see a guy that may just be very misunderstood trying to balance the constant headache that is being in the public spotlight. I guess some had such high hopes for him and he may not be presenting himself as a Hollywood darling, but you know what, at least he is real. It all seems genuine, everything seems authentic. Honestly in these times seems to be the things that people attach and align to most.

With that said his current exploit may be one of the most unique and self-dangerous thus far. He is traveling across the country and posting his coordinates via social networks. Now this sounds pretty normal for any creative person, but the part that makes it dangerous is he is choosing to hitchhike. Which within itself for us normal folks are never the safest thing to do, let alone a movie star. The trip started the 23rd of May and ends the 23rd of June. Shia isn’t alone though he is with other artist as a part of #TakeMeAnywhere. #TakeMeAnywhere is a project spearheaded by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and The Finnish Institute in London. It seems to be going well with Shia looking as lively and as free as ever. He is inviting fans to come out and join him where possible, so if you are near, a fan, and free I advise you to head out and make this memory.

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