Cult of Individuality: Still Breaking the Rules

Cult of Individuality: Still Breaking the Rules

It’s hard to put together an iconic streetwear in a place like New York. History, competition, and sheer numbers over power creativity. Cult of Individuality didn’t hear any of that nonsense and built itself a following that has stood the test of time and pandemic. Like its founder, Ron Poisson, Cult has really tattooed itself in the psyche of individuals as non conformist. But not conforming is not negative or even alien. it is THE way. Live in anarchy and revel in the rebellion. Yes, Ron you can have that one. Everything about Cult is a mash of things Ron loves. You take a little bit of surfing, some denim, and in some rock and roll, and boom.

Cult of Individuality: Still Breaking the Rules

It isn’t a surprise that the music world has embraced him with open arms as well as worn the brand daily. This isn’t a brand you just walk down a runway and hope one day you can have enough money for you to get one piece. Cult of Individuality is by the people for the people, and we fucking love that. But Ron had very interesting roots; he initially pursued marine biology in college (Poisson of course is fish in french). Moving from Zero Exposur to Mossimo to selling over $10 million of Fat Albert tees (Mark Ecko who?), Ron built himself a reputation as someone who got shit done.

But denim is an open secret (see How to Make it in America) and Ron knows how to wield that canvas. With the release of hisHVMΛN collection this past month, Ron is once again pushing fashion.

We don’t follow the general rules of engagement in terms of how we go about the bead, the design, the mood, and the feel”…”It’s always from the gut. There’s always somebody that sets the trends, and then people write them and say this is the trend for this season; animal print, or this color or that. I don’t really follow that.”

Ron Poisson

Pictures by Victoria Bruno

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