El Alto is Patron’s Hot New Tequila

El Alto is Patron's Hot New Tequila

We had a chance to check out Patron’s newest tequila – El Alto.

Patrón El Alto, a name that can be loosely interpreted as “The Heights” or “The Tall,” holds the highest position in the Patrón lineup, excluding specialty series like their Lalique and Guillermo del Toro offerings, which feature distinct bottles and limited-edition tequilas. The considerable time, effort, and dedication that Patrón, a family-owned enterprise, has invested in creating its first prestige tequila is truly commendable.

El Alto is Patron's Hot New Tequila

El Alto is exclusively distilled from mature Weber Blue Agave, sourced from the elevated regions of Jalisco, Mexico. This premium tequila is a blend of Añejo, Extra Añejo, and Reposado tequilas, each aged to their optimal potential, as per David Rodriguez, Patrón’s master distiller. The majority of Patrón El Alto comprises Extra Añejo, which is aged for four years, while the youngest tequila in the blend, Reposado, is aged for six months.

El Alto is Patron's Hot New Tequila

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