Social Snacking: The Facebook Epidemic

When friends – real, live friends, not “Facebook Friends” – told me about Facebook a few years ago and urged me to sign up, I asked them what it was like. Most of them talked about it in superlatives, saying how great it was to be able to stay in touch with friends all over the world and update them on the latest news and … Continue reading Social Snacking: The Facebook Epidemic

A Samsung Smart Car In The Future?

Korean electronics giant Samsung does not want to get left behind as the auto industry accelerates into the 21st century. It has announced a series of auto-related initiatives in the last few weeks. On Wednesday, the family conglomerate announced the creation of a new team that would focus on products for the auto sector, including autonomous driving technologies and android car dvd. This of course begs the question … Continue reading A Samsung Smart Car In The Future?

Billionaires Behind Bars

Who wants to be a billionaire? It seems that it takes a lot more to obtain the financial ecstasy that is dreamt of than what the world believes, and the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs have the evidence to prove it. Though money talks, even billionaires have to adhere to the consequences of their criminal actions. With charges ranging from tax fraud to embezzlement, these billionaires have … Continue reading Billionaires Behind Bars

How The Democratic Presidential Candidates Are Holding Up

While Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are definitely the front-runners of this Democratic race, the other three potential presidents made waves in their own regard. Former Governor Lincoln Chafee: “The Peacemaker”- Overall Chafee attempted to present himself as the most honest and ethical candidate. (Politics and ethics are infamously known to be oxymorons). Twice he referred to his stance on issues similar to that of … Continue reading How The Democratic Presidential Candidates Are Holding Up

Are Millenials Financial Slaves?

Do you have student loans, a job, a car loan, or a new Mortgage? In other words, are you a millennial? Congratulations!! You are the New Slaves of the United states of America. Please line up to get your SSN branded. History can account for the America supporting slavery for over 400 years. Instilling an ideology of “black vs white” that in 2015 we still … Continue reading Are Millenials Financial Slaves?

College: Where Your Dreams Turn To Debt

“Go to college,” they said, “Follow your dreams,” they said.  22-year-old Amy reminisced on all the stories she was told during her youth about college.  She initially didn’t want to go, but her family stressed it, encouraging her to follow her heart, though that meant following what they believed.  They assured her that her entire life would be full of wealth and prosperity upon graduation. … Continue reading College: Where Your Dreams Turn To Debt

Still Thinking About Law School?

When did I receive my wakeup call? I was sitting in my office. My student loan summary was resting on my desk showing over $150,000 in student loans, my Rutgers Law degree plastered on my wall, and several publications displayed on my laptop screen talking about the latest legal news in my practice areas. I had to set all of this aside and focus on … Continue reading Still Thinking About Law School?

What Does Multicultural Mean Anymore?

For citizens born in America, the term “multicultural” tends to sit on a spectrum of meanings, usually connotation something good. For many, it means celebrating cultures into which they are not born. For others, it’s something to be merely tolerated. And, for a minority, “multicultural” means a threat to a traditional way of life, one that’s being lost to an influx of foreign or non-majority … Continue reading What Does Multicultural Mean Anymore?

Watch Out For The New Android Hack

Researchers at Zimperium zLabs have uncovered a series of vulnerabilities affecting Android operating systems that could affect millions. By simply sending a text message with an infected attachment, a hacker may be able to trigger a remote code execution vulnerability that would allow access to the targeted device. Reported earlier in April, Joshua Drake, a member of the zLabs research team, discovered what is being called “Stagefright”. Named … Continue reading Watch Out For The New Android Hack