Wearables: Apple Or Android Wear?

Wearables: Apple Or Android Wear?

Smart watches are an easy way to keep up with everything you are doing on the go. Apple and Android make them with many different features. Find out which one would be best for you and your lifestyle.



You can do messaging in a new way with this watch- it allows you to send sketches and voice messages to your contacts.

The watch is a health and fitness companion. It tracks your heart rate, how long your workout is and how much activity you have gotten. It will motivate you to sit less and move more with the workout app, the activity app and third party workout apps.

“Siri” can help you get things done and your notifications will be at easier access. The watch taps your wrist when you receive a notification.

You can pay for everyday products safely and privately with Apple Pay.

You can use many apps from “iTV” to “Instagram Glance” and continue using it on your phone if you need the larger screen. It has all of your basic daily needs from alarms to your events.

You can be sure that this watch matches by switching faces and bands.




These watches have many styles and look like the average watch with the typical leather band.

You can respond to messages and emails the moment you receive them from the watch even when your phone isn’t with you.

You can leave your phone at home and exercise while listening to music and tracking your workout stats.

You will have access to “Ok Google” and get directions or answers to any of your questions. You can use thousands of android wear apps from “Pinterest” to “Lyft”.

These watches are compatible for iPhones and Android phones.

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