Nike: House of Innovation NYC

Nike has always listened to it’s consumers, leading the industry when it comes to not just product, but also technology. This has stayed true in the face of an evolving consumer; us. As traditional brick and mortars start to falter and even close shop, Nike is making a bold statement with their new House of Innovation 000 in NYC. The 68,000 square foot flagship is a behemoth that also does not have any cash registers. Say what? The store is seen as a look into the future with it’s Instant Checkout, where a consumer can walk in, scan the product, and leave. But it’s much, much more. Nike has one of the better apps in the game for purchasing in the Nike app, and it ties all of that together when it comes to the flagship. You can see colors, sizes, and models, while casually browsing. On top of that, there is a big push on customization with Sneaker Bar. There will be the ability to not just simply customize, but also dive into dip dyeing, patches, and more.

The Shop the Look section focuses on scanning a QR code to see how a specific outfit fits on a mannequin and if all looks well, having it ready in a fitting room. You would then wait for a push notification that would lead you to a fitting room with your name on it. Following that up is Scan to Try, which would have you scan the barcode on the shoe, letting you not have to worry about finding an associate, as it would be brought to you.

Customization has been a huge part of the sneaker culture, and Nike understands that. It doesn’t stop there though. There is also a personal concierge service that aids in finding outfits and handling alterations. The emphasis in making the buying experience as unique as possible, with you being in the driver’s seat. We have seen this mindset of giving the consumer a chance to handle their shopping experience the way they want to with Amazon, and this looks like another step in the right direction for Nike. Make sure to stop by, check it out, and let us know what you think!

Nike’s House of Innovation 000 is located at 648 5th Avenue 


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