Kelly Oubre Jr. Signs with Converse

Kelly Oubre Jr. Signs with Converse

Say what you want about the debacle that is the Washington Wizards, Kelly Oubre Jr. is still a breathe of fresh air. The small forward from New Orleans has only become better every year since he was drafted in 2015. Let us also not forget he is only 22, which means his best years are ahead of him. This offseason there was a lot of splash with Puma signing a significant of young talent, but Kelly decided to go a different approach. Signing with Converse gives Kelly the power of the Nike family, but the uniqueness of Converse. Regardless of where he ends up, Kelly is going to be a substantial part of basketball, fashion, and culture moving forward. We are excited to see what his collaboration looks like and what this means for the future of Converse Basketball!


Check out this short film from Converse

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