Isabella’s Cake Creations Is The New Cake Boss

Isabella's Cake Creations Is The New Cake Boss

Brooklyn’s own Isabella’s Cake Creations makes custom desserts for any occasion and even tops The Cake Boss in design and creations. Not only do they create aesthetically beautiful, tasteful delicacies for the Tri-State Area, they offer delivery in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. “If you can dream it, we can bake it!”

Specializing in custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, mini cakes and desserts, Isabella’s Creations are unlike anything you have seen in Brooklyn, NY. In fact, Jenny McCarthy, Ice T and many other celebrities have ordered their decorative, designer desserts for their personal events.

If you have ever imagined your own design or wanted a treasured heirloom recreated into an edible item, Isabella’s Creations is the place to go. Like a Disney fairytale, your dream can come true.

Maria, the owner, says her first celebrity cake was created for Big Ang, for a Mob Wives Premiere party. From there she met a publicist who asked her to bake a Jerseylicious cake. That is when it started to snowball.

“I always baked for every occasion. After working a full eight-hour day, I would come home and do family things. I would start baking cakes at 10PM. My husband said I couldn’t keep doing things like this. I hated my job; this was my passion.”

As fate would have it, a storefront opened up on 13th Avenue in Brooklyn and Maria grabbed it. Isabella’s Creations became a prime location and is extremely easy to get to.

To order a cake, close your eyes and imagine something you would want to serve that will knock the socks of your guests. Be original and inventive! I am confident that they can bake your idea.

Call the store, email them or stop in for a tasting. First you will choose a batter flavor, then a filling a frosting and last you choose a topping. Some of the cake flavors they offer are American Cheese Cake, Angel Food, Banana Spice, Bizcocho Mojito (Soaked Cake), Carrot, Chocolate, Home Made Flan, Lemon Coconut and so many more.

If you do not believe me, check out their website and take a look for yourself. I dare you to ask Maria to bake you a Louis Vuitton pocketbook for your niece’s Sweet 16. Or even better, ask her to bake you an airplane cake for your son’s Air Force Boot Camp farewell.  Whatever your vision is or whatever the need is for, Maria and Isabella’s Creations can make your dream come true.

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