Crime of the Century

Crime of the Century

It’s 10am and I’m in Boston, can you hear the joy in my tone? And as I look around the airport everyone looks miserable, which immediately reminds me of many of the reaction videos that went viral after the MayMac fight this past weekend. Now, let me be clear on this immediately, I am far from saying the fight itself was the crime of the century or a robbery. I actually thought it was an entertaining spectacle that turned out exactly how I figured it to be. The purpose of this piece is to put things back into perspective. Many people feel Conor held his own in the fight; which is quite possibly the most comical thing I have heard since the Jeff Horn decision over Manny Pacquiao.

So, to begin we are actually fans of Conor over here at Social, but if no one else will, you can always trust us to tell it how it is. Let’s start with the overall allure that has been casted over the fans and supporters of the UFC. It is frequently portrayed that Mcgregor is the best fighter in the sport; which has literally NEVER been the case. Is he the most popular? Yes, we would never debate or argue that. But, he is not the best or most talented fighter in the UFC’s stable. The most talented fighter in the UFC has been Jon Jones since he got involved with the organization. In fact had it not been for his antics, the spotlight for both Mcgregor and even Ronda Rousey would have been smaller than it turned out to be. We have said it and will continue to say it, Jones may be the only fighter we could not envision losing in the octagon. So, this is the moment you say, but he was gone, he did leave the spotlight and Conor stepped in. And I simply reply, “stepped in” is a stretch. He was more so put into that spotlight. At no point in his run, even with Jones gone, was he the best fighter in the UFC. But, for some reason you didn’t know that.


Pound for pound Demetrius Johnson has been the best fighter and champion the UFC has had over the last three years. He has held his title for the last five years and once again, you didn’t know that. He is literally faster, stronger, better defensively, a better striker, and a better wrestler than everyone in his division. He has successfully defended his title ten times, and literally beaten every possible contender for said title. He has even gone as far to beat some of top contenders twice. But he doesn’t share the same popularity as Mystic Mac, so unfortunately to many fans this is unfairly overlooked.


Now we return to the actual fight this past weekend. Mcgregor looked terrible to say it frankly. I have heard and read many people give him a pass and chalk this up as a moral victory. Honestly, that’s not sitting well with me. This isn’t Rocky, and Conor would be closer to Terry Conklin than anyone. There is no underdog story here. Conor was brash, overconfident in pre-filter, and hardly humble in defeat. To simplify, here is the overarching point. How could you speak to being the bigger, faster, stronger, more skilled fighter and have to be carried through a fight. We didn’t put him in a situation that he was unfamiliar with either. At the end of the day it’s a fight. The rules of engagement are a bit different but you are fighting nevertheless. His punching technique looked subpar for an elite fighter. He didn’t look to impose his will on Floyd. Conor visibly had no plan in the ring. Which is confusing because he stated he would knock him out nearly effortlessly. Which in itself is a plan, it’s simple yes , but it’s a plan. Lastly the most glaring and consistent flaw in his fight game is his lack of conditioning which was exposed in the UFC. And, maybe that is why I am speaking to this the way I am. You are supposed to be the best your sport has to offer. You also have claims you can take over another sport; yet you aren’t in elite shape. That’s disgraceful. Even when we look at the other side of things Floyd let the fight drag on. He could have ended the fight three rounds prior. The allure continues with posts pointing out Mac landing thirty more punches than Pac-Man in two less rounds. Which is completely misleading because Floyd fought two different fights. One was defensive the other he walked down his opposition with no concerns of blocking the punches that they through. Think about that statement Floyd Mayweather was so unconcerned with the power Mcgregor possessed that he stalked him the entire fight without much defensive concern. Which ties back to the earlier point normally the fighter chasing the other fighter is the one to get winded, that was far from the case.


Now to ice this article. How could any fan of fighting be so blinded to have bet that Conor would win this fight. I’m confused at how some could be proud of his display; but some people out there legitimately felt he would best one of the greatest boxers/fighters of all time. Especially the one who is a defensive specialist, who had the greatest training and work ethic of any fighter out there. The “Fans” say but Mcgregor only lost by submission in the octagon. That’s false, Conor was dominated hand to hand by Nate Diaz (who has a boxing background) by simple jabs and one-two combinations. So much so that he felt the need to shoot for a take down when one shot rocked him. He then proceeded to get pummeled after said take down failed and gave up his back. Where he was flattened by quality ground and pound until he gave up an easy rear naked choke. Oh, and let’s not forget Nate’s older brother is a far superior boxer than Nate is. So getting back to it, some of you bet money on a man to beat one greatest boxers of all time when he couldn’t handle the boxing abilities of Nate Diaz. Listen, if that is what you believe we have some ocean front property in Idaho we would like to sell you.

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