A Drinking Man’s Game: Hangar 1 “Kaffir Lime”

A Drinking Man's Game: Hangar 1 "Kaffir Lime"

What the hell is a Kaffir lime? That discovery uncovered a flavorful vodka distilled by the lovely team at Hangar 1. Welcome back to A.D.M.G. I think we would have to agree that fate is a very real thing. I mean I happened to find a Thai fruit infused vodka on my way to spectate a Muay Thai bout. What’s the odds on that? Especially when this happened to be my first encounter with the fruit as well as live Muay Thai fighting!

Inception of this adventure started with a invitation to a Friday Night Fights event in NYC. Totally coincidental because a few days prior I found myself enthralled in knockout compilations videos. Honestly I can’t get enough of those damn things. You know how it goes, one video turns into a hour and a half of straight watching and next thing you know you’re walking around like your Dennis Alexio from Kickboxer. All I was missing was a bamboo tree in the backyard for everything to come full circle. So a few days later while visiting my brother-in-law who happens to be obsessed with Thai culture and Muy Thai, I’m barraged with more compilations. This manifested into what would be my first live encounter with the martial art. Which was a phenomenal experience and something I look forward to doing again.

Hyped to attend the event, it was only right we pregamed. Without indecision everyone was in agreement to hit a liquor store and scour the place for something to start the night properly. I didn’t walk into the store with intentions of reviewing anything, but as your resident Spirits Detective the mojo of A.D.M.G set in almost immediately. Walking through each aisle I spotted some interesting options. However it was a tall green labeled bottle labeled Hangar 1 that seemed the most distinctive. The green label reading Kaffir lime, I became even more intrigued because I had never heard of the fruit. That’s when excitingly my brother-in-law says, that fruit is grown in Thailand, it’s the one! Boom, the magic set in.

Road sodas in hand, the first tasting of the Hangar 1 was on the trip into the city. No cups or anything, just swigging from the bottle like some underage savages getting their hands on pops secret stash. That was never my story but it definitely felt like the good old days! Kaffir lime has a unique taste that at first I could not quite put my finger on. It evokes a zesty tasting licorice for me. The flavor profile reminds me of a childhood favorite Zebra Stripe gum, but it definitely did no lose flavor like Zebra Stripe. Hangar 1 Kaffir Lime is really aromatic as well, which after researching the Kaffir Lime is a characteristic of the fruit, so that definitely makes sense.

Of course I couldn’t let the trip into the city be the only tasting of the Hangar 1. I really had to sit with this a couple days because I couldn’t think of what Hangar 1 Kaffir Lime reminded me of the most. Which for me is tough because though I do find all liquors unique, many can be paired at times. Plus it’s always pleasurable to revisit and possibly uncover new flavor profiles. The next time I got to the Kaffir Lime I was at home when I had access to ingredients. Obviously the first choice was to mix the Kaffir Lime with a citrus based juice and I decided to use lemonade with a splash of water to dilute it all slightly. I suggest this blend for individuals who don’t particularly enjoy the tart taste of citrus based drinks. I also added to the panel of accoutrements some oranges, limes and mint. Getting a little more adventurous, I used a mortar and pestle to mash up jalapeno peppers to add heat to the drink. Lime, pepper and seltzer made for a great mixed cocktail. The Kaffir Lime is a spirit with a very unique profile that I suggest you go bold and you swing for the fences with your ingredients.

Spirits are to be enjoyed year-round but this drink would be an excellent spring and summer drink if you ask me. It’s a unique infusion of a smooth vodka and a Asian fruit, which can be a bit gimmicky for some but was executed flawlessly by Hangar 1. At only $30, this is a bottle that is worth tasting, and I mean sooner than later.

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