Must Have Beauty Tools For The Spring

Must Have Beauty Tools For The Spring

Now that the weather is warming up and everyone is looking forward to the bright sunny days, I am here to throw some light on these awesome beauty items that can add glow to your skin, detox your body and get you ready to rock this season.

Derma roller is an amazing skin care tool which is has thin needles all over it. You can scroll it on your skin which creates thin, microscopic holes in your skin. Basically, this little tool tricks your skin into thinking that these tiny holes created are wounds and so your skin acts at a super speed to heal them and thereby produces more collagen. More collagen implies more hydration and elasticity. It is a great anti-aging tool that reduces the appearance of the wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks and hyper pigmentation. These tiny little holes created on your skin result in the greater absorption of serums and moisturizers. Use this tool in moderation, once a week, to achieve the best possible results. A little redness is normal when you use this and so don’t panic. Since it is made with several small needles, remember not to share it with anyone.dermaroller



Konjac sponge, which has been popular in Asia for a long time, has now become the popular trend in the western beauty world. It is made up of all-natural vegetable fibers derived from the roots of the Asian tree Konjac potato. It has a neutral PH and balances the PH levels of your skin. It is packed with anti-oxidants and minerals. It looks like a rock when it is dry. Put it in the water and watch the magic happening. It turns into a soft sponge which you can use with your cleanser. It is mildly exfoliating and has some texture to it. You can find different varieties of Konjac sponges in the market, infused with various skin-friendly ingredients like charcoal, green clay and bamboo. Just pick the right one for you and get ready to experience that baby soft skin of yours!!




If you are a regular social media follower, you must have seen many celebrities and beauty bloggers posting selfies with these funny looking cotton sheet masks on their adorable faces. These sheet masks travelled to the western world all over from Asia and now have become the latest craze. They are infused with serums, liquids and are packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. If you are feeling a little extra fancy, pamper yourself with these moisture-rich, hydrating masks. Whether you are on an airplane or you are chilling with your BFFs in your cozy little room, show your skin some love with these one size fits all masks. If you are someone who seeks variety in your beauty routine, then treat yourself to some sheet masks infused with bee venom, snail extract or gold.




Try to recall when was the last time you exfoliated your body? Most of us don’t take care of the skin on the body when compared to the skin on the face. But remember that you need to take care of it to maintain healthy looking skin. Dry brushing is an ancient technique which has become popular in recent times. Get a good quality brush made of natural fibers and brush daily towards your heart. It helps in exfoliation and detoxification. This technique breaks down the connective tissue and stimulates the lymphatic tissue to drain out the toxins. It improves blood circulation and relieves stress.


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