Gold: BMW & Team USA’s Men’s Bobsled

Gold: BMW & Team USA's Men's Bobsled

BMW and the USA Men and Women’s bobsled teams are at it again. After their success in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, they look to build on what earned them two bronzes and a silver respectively. The Women’s Team led the way with two medals while the Men’s Team brought in one as well in 2014. That hadn’t been accomplished since 1952.

Now, four years later we seem to get more of the same with some new innovations that have improved the foundation of prior success. One of the biggest goals is to make the driver as comfortable as possible. What better way to do so than making updates that allow for preference and comfort that mimics the driver’s tendencies? The goal is to make it as natural and effortless as possible. Steering being the focal point of the update along with new configurations is what BMW and Team USA believe will bring the gold. More importantly than that, chemistry, trust, and cohesion are at the forefront for the Team USA athletes. Those components have been focal points with the Men’s Team especially. Learning about each others habits, tendencies and preferences are what they feel has given them the extra edge. This is crucial to a men’s team that lost their pilot who helped them reach gold in Vancouver and bronze in Sochi.

That man was Steve Holcomb who passed in May of 2017. Holcomb was highly decorated over his career and leaves a void and toughness that will truly be missed. I imagine this is one reason the team has the bonds they do. “The Ultimate Sliding Machine”, will continue to get sleeker and faster, with updates to the chassis recently implemented. The new build also garners the most aerodynamic to date. The question is will it be enough to push Team USA to capture the coveted gold medal?

Only time will tell. There will be a total of five teams who will compete this year for Team USA. A lot of refinement and research have gone into the process for BMW and Team USA this year. Though fairly new it seems to be a partnership that will blossom into something that will grow through years to come. With the Olympics now underway we will be cheering on as Team USA and BMW try to make history this year. Good luck fellas, bring back the gold.

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