She’s From The Bronx But Her Name Isn’t Jenny


ronx native and upcoming superstar, Kat Capone, has had a love for the arts since her beginning of time. She has explored her talents in wide ranges such as taking dance classes like ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop, making her discover so many different sides of herself. We can understand her passion and know that she will continue to go far, “I was dancing before I could talk. I’ll never give it up”, says Capone. In the future she’d also like to get involved with acting since she studied film and method acting in school but for now another part of the arts that she has been able to put her all into, is music. Not just listening to music while dancing or anywhere else but music that has come from herself personally: her voice. Hearing the songs of artists in her younger years like Madonna, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and especially Toni Braxton pushed her in a direction to sing and since then she has been doing so well at pursuing her career in it.

When listening to her music you can hear how the artists in which she has been most influenced by comes through in her songs. Touching on points like love, nostalgia, inspiration and living life her EP of 5 songs and 1 bonus track, Summer 22 that was released on iTunes on January 15, 2013, has gotten amazing reviews and has left everyone waiting for more. Many might wonder why it’s called Summer 22, Capone tells us why:

 “We all have those summers where you fall in love, or you had a summer fling, or you traveled the world, or partied your face off 7 nights a week and for me it was the Summer I was 22….I just wanted to make a project that was light hearted and spoke of those moments.”

Oh yes, we all must have at some point in time related to this and all the while the ages might definitely be various depending on the person, everyone can recall those moments when listening to Summer 22.

Currently on YouTube a song called “Losing My Mind” has been released for another upcoming EP “Paper Cuts”. It will be available this fall on iTunes. This project is focused on paper cuts around the heart, the struggles of Capone while making her music and how she’s been losing her mind so that others could lose theirs to her music. “I based the video on the movie Black Swan. It was fun to do, I had a great time making it. I’m looking forward to making more videos for this project, it should be really exciting.” she tells us.

 As she has been constantly thinking outside of the box her creativity continues to evolve and her perseverance never stops. Like she says to us:

“Don’t be afraid of failure. Use it as a lesson for the next steps. People don’t fail. Strategies and tactics do. Have determination, persistence and courage. Lucille Ball once said “I’m not funny I’m just brave.” And I think that reigns true for all entertainers.”

With all of her projects coming together we will continue seeing her evolve as her career continues to blossom. Now, you could find her performing locally throughout the US but eventually she would love to tour in other countries like Africa, Ireland, Australia, Japan and the UK.

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