This morning I got to talking about some of the recent big moments Philadelphia is having. Can you imagine what it’s like to be from Philly right now? Known for having immense culture and pride on a variety of levels. Philly has also maintained a grit and comradery that makes it one of the most beautiful and unique places on the planet. There is great heritage, resilience, and a true feel that is unparalleled in my eyes. Rich in musical and entertainment history being the birth places of, Billy Holiday, Grover Washington, Patti Labelle, Bill Cosby, Will Smith, and probably the latest mega star Kevin Hart, i want to take a look at some things that are happening in that realm for the city at the moment. It seems only fitting that a city so deserving is really having a phenomenal year. I think it’s time we give Philly the appreciation it very well deserves for what is going on at the moment.

Let’s start with the Eagles, who won their first Super Bowl just this past February. To be clear this not the first time they’ve won an NFL championship, just the first time they have won in the modern Super Bowl era. Honestly, the win could not have happened in a better way either. Leaning on a backup Quarterback who had caught fire to close out the season after losing their star QB. Having a supremely stout defense that made things difficult for teams throughout the entire year, who didn’t let up in the postseason. That was all iced by beating arguably the greatest football dynasty of all time, led by arguably the greatest, most clutch Quarterback of all time. With all this, the Eagles didn’t shy from the pressure. They delivered and some without hesitation, and are truly champions we all have to tip our hats to. This wasn’t a right matchup at the right time, or stars aligned type of story either. This was a full team effort that showed itself to be a machine dead set on accomplishing one goal no matter what the circumstances were. Honestly, that’s really the sentiment of Philadelphia, and that’s what the Eagles embodied. This all came together for a truly dominant season that was capped off with the NFL’s highest honor. This was truly got the ball rolling for the huge moments for the city.

The Eagles aren’t the only sports franchise in Philly that are making waves with their play. The 76ers have been no slouches themselves during this NBA Season. Without a doubt, they have been one of the NBA’s more exciting stories this season. With an extremely vocal front-man in Joel Embiid, the spirit of the city is evident in each night they lace up and perform. Touting one of the best home records in the NBA, it was clear that “The Process” had proven itself to be a success. Even without having their top drafted prospect, they did not seem to miss a beat. On top of that, Ben Simmons has had phenomenal season, which has him in all conversations as the potential Rookie of the Year. Even on top of all this, they closed out the season with the longest win streak of any team headed into the playoffs in NBA history. The 76ers railed off 16 straight wins to close out the year, which is extremely impressive itself. However, half of this run was done without Joel Embiid, which makes it that much more notable. That was all just the regular season too. The 2017-2018 may have just ended the career of one of the most electrifying and exciting players we have seen in the league. With the first series win for Philly since 2012, they may have very well brought Dwayne Wade’s time in the NBA to its completion after the 4-1 series. What’s scary is the team is young. They still have the opportunity to grow, build the team, and bring in or adjust pieces. That doesn’t leave other organizations too confident in where their respective organizations are going. Philly may have done it in an unorthodox way, but they built through the draft, and the fruits of that effort will be seen for the next few years at minimum.

Sports is not the only recent win for Philadelphia. Alongside the peaceful protests and awareness created around the injustices and profiling of one of the largest coffee companies in the world, they also had another issue within the justice system that had been affecting them. The initial hearing and trialing of Meek Mill was something that did not sit well with the city as well as many others. “Free Meek” had been the vocal stance of many for some time. It spanned from fellow entertainers, to athletes, to entrepreneurs; and most recently, some sports organizations and politicians. Yesterday Meek Mill was released on bail and many rejoiced, but none more than Philadelphia. In true fashion of a Philadelphian, the first thing Meek did when he got out was go be with his people, go be with his city. He rang the bell prior to 76ers game yesterday to symbolize the unity and fight of the city. Beyond being the “home team guy” many of the city stands behind. His Dreams and Nightmares intro has been and become the inspirational and amplifying theme to many teams, athletes, and people across the board. Philly is no different either. Basking in the pride and joy of one of “their” guy’s greatest accomplishments, which is viewed as an undeniably great anthem. The record strikes a chord with any who listen to it. Symbolizing the victorious overcoming of struggle that we can all relate to, that really happens to speak to who the people of Philly really are. Meek sat courtside last night, in a Sixers jersey, next to Kevin Hart. Witnessing the culmination of the pride that Philly has. This has resulted in a dominant playoffs for Philly. Experiencing the streak that the city itself is on while also contributing to it, had to be an amazing moment for him. Home, sitting their, amongst his people in the wonderful city of Philadelphia.

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