Oakley – It’s Ok

Oakley - It's Ok

Pressure is one of the few things in life that happens to be undoubtedly true. Like stress it’s one of those things that is said to be a given. We aren’t able to necessarily control it, but we can control how we manage. That management aspect is actually one of the most crucial pieces to significant growth and wellness, and it also applies to a variety of things. We often don’t aren’t taught methods to navigate and manage these moments which makes it difficult hit our desired goals. Think about that we fall short of things we once wanted so deeply due to us adding additional pressure subconsciously. Oakley actually understands what it’s like to want something with all of your being, and has put out something to help that psychological balance necessary to achieve it.


The Oakley team has rolled out a new campaign that is centered around not adding additional pressure subconsciously. The campaign is place around the slogan “It’s Ok” and is a part of their One Obsession campaign. It takes the drive and obsession that athletes and professionals have based on the commitment and sacrifices made and simply says “It’s Ok”. This is actually huge. With the mind being a crucial part to the success of all of us, understanding “It’s Ok” is a big factor in removing unnecessary pressure. This, in all moments allows you to perform better. It allows you to remove stresses, understand things, and re-dedicate yourself to things with purpose. The campaign may look at the obsession aspect, but I truly believe it may have hit a point even larger than intended. Coming to terms with our obsessions, our driving forces, and even in some cases our shortcomings is monumental. It’s necessary it sports, as well as life overall. There are many moments were sports transcends what they were intended and this may be one of them.

Here is the campaign below:

Pursuing a sports obsession is no fairytale, whether you’re a professional or everyday athlete. You have to make room for these passions – be it sacrifices in your family-life, career or friendships.

Launching April 24 and running through 2018, the next chapter of Oakley’s ONE OBSESSION campaign, invites and motivates people to join their global network of renowned athlete ambassadors in celebrating the very real, not always glamourous, moments of pursuing your passion. It might not always be pretty, but IT’S OK, in the name of obsession.

The multi-channel global brand campaign, developed in partnership with award-winning creative agency, AKQA Paris, includes digital, social, outdoor, retail activations, live events and an enhanced digital experience on oakley.com/one-obsession.

In building the campaign, Oakley created the ONE OBSESSION athlete survey that examines the behaviors and lifestyles of “The Obsessed” – the type of everyday athletes who tirelessly pursue their sport – to uncover real insights and discover what drives them.

They know what work-life balance is all about – 40% of employed athletes would rather excel at their sport than at their job.

The Obsessed are willing to make sacrifices – One-third (34%) of those who have made sacrifices have let go of romantic relationships for their dedication.
For the Committed athletes, their sport is always on their mind – Over 9 in 10 (91%) think about their sport at least once a day, and 21% say they would be ‘completely lost’ without their sport.

“We’re extremely excited about the next chapter of ONE OBSESSION as it gives us the opportunity to encourage dialogue among professional and everyday athletes alike – enabling them to connect through the real moments of their journey,” said Ben Goss, Global Marketing Director at Oakley. “The campaign gets to the heart of committed athletes everywhere, not just those who compete at the highest level, but those who are obsessed with their passion. It honors hard work and sacrifices in a light-hearted way. IT’S OK in the name of obsession.”

A new ONE OBSESSION content piece will also debut on April 24 on Oakley.com, all social and digital channels. The hero content features both professional and amateur athletes, highlighting the very real moments of obsession in a series of cinematic and intimate portraits alongside a powerful, original soundtrack.

“We composed this original soundtrack, available soon on Spotify, to be timeless, articulated between spoken and sung voice, and a mix between jazz, big band and soul,” said Peter Lund, AKQA Executive Creative Director – Europe. “The goal was to create a powerful, unique song that ultimately illustrates the passion and obsession that characterizes these committed professional and everyday athletes.”

IT’S OK stories of obsession and inspirational messages will roll-out during the year across Oakley and athlete-ambassador social channels, encouraging fans to live-out their obsession irrespective of the personal sacrifice. IT’S OK, in the name of obsession.

Learn more at oakley.com/one-obsession.”

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