Nike Shield Run Recap

Fred Goris

Nike has made a name for itself in various aspects of sports and sports apparel over the years. We had a chance to join a few athletes that were hand picked by Nike to test out their Nike Shield line which focuses on the avid and casual runner. Nike provided us with products from the Nike Shield line which included a full kit of tights, shorts, shirts, a jacket, a runners hat that conveniently covered our ears and the Nike Odyssey React Shield shoe. Running a 5K through the streets of Manhattan in rainy weather was the ultimate test and after all was said and done the team collectively had great things to say about their experience. In my opinion the Nike Shield outfit fully stood up to the elements of light rain and the hard pavement of one of the busiest cities in the world. With a full workout from one of the best in the game, Nike’s master trainer Joe Holder, the team was well trained prior to the run and thoroughly adjusted post-run.

Fred Goris

One of the products that stood out to me the most was the Nike Odyssey React Shield shoe, which has climbed the ranks amongst those that run outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. To most, it may be one of the most stylish and comfortable water repellent shoes made to date. I honestly felt that way as soon as I put them on. The design of the Nike Odyssey React Shield shoe is similar to the Nike Zoom coupled with a 90% water repellent shell and a Nike React foam sole which makes the perfect combination for a nice run regardless of the terrain (especially coming from LA and running in NYC). In the past, most water repellent releases focused more on the water repellent elements and neglected the actual design of the shoe, which is why I generally stay away from most niche running shoes. As always, Nike made sure they left no detail unmastered and no seam unsealed. The shoe is lightweight and features a sticky bottom for optimal traction on wet roads and a toggled lacing cage which prevents unnecessary stops to tie shoestrings while training (the lacing system is actually unique and after figuring it out, it became second nature). The night time reflectivity elements helped me stand out in the dark, and coupled with the running jacket they both did a great job keeping me warm and well lit in the darkest parts of New York City. The comfortable sole creates a soft bouncy return of energy that helps push you along on the toughest runs, while also letting you focus on your run and not on what’s on the ground. The shoe was very versatile and reacted to my movements like second nature in our workout session before the run and during the actual run. Not many shoes, in my eyes, do well in the casual and hyper intense environments. If you have plans on hitting the pavement, no matter the weather conditions, the Nike Odyssey React Shield Water-Repellent shoe is the perfect option.

Fred Goris

All in all, the Nike Shield Run was a success, and we look forward to more runs from the Nike family!

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