The Best of Sundance: Wanderluxxe

The Best of Sundance: Wanderluxxe

Every year, the Sundance Film Festival comes and goes, showcasing not only some of the best movies of the year, but also the best events. The festival runs over 10 days, but the first 4-5 days are chocked full of events, parties, panels, gifting suites, and more. Every year we have a favorite that truly outshines the rest, from the PAX Cabin (which ultimately became our friends at JUUL) in 2012 to the Plexus Lodge in 2017. This past year was almost an unanimous vote; Wanderluxxe House. From happy hours fueled by Casamigos Tequila, to after parties for Mandy and Never Goin’ Back, there was literally nowhere else you wanted to be. Couple that with complimentary transport from Tesla, and you have yourself the most exclusive event of the year.

Wanderluxxe is the brainchild of Marti Hines and Lola Woods, who saw the need for a membership based luxury experience. Just because you have the ability to go to Cannes or Sundance, does not necessarily mean you know where to go or to even mingle. This is where Wanderluxxe comes in, giving you insider perks, invites, and a full scale concierge for all your needs at all the major festivals and award shows. The atmosphere itself is personal and intimate, and after a few days of attending their midday Après Ski hours, you tend to feel you are part of more than just a community, but a group of fantastic individuals. There is a certain “je ne sais quoi” to looking up and finding Elijah Wood DJ’ing to a very appreciative crowd as you sip on a great cocktail. One of the last night’s included a mini concert from Common, who coupled with John Legend, brought down a packed house that included Craig Robinson, Lakeith Stanfield, Riz Ahmed, and Chrissy Teigen. There have been very few places that have made me go “wow”, especially at Sundance. If anything, it made you sit back and be thankful for experiencing a one in a life time moment. Partnering with Vegas’ hottest new club, Apex Social Club, was a great move, as it brought a different vibe to the usual ho-hum of Sundance. Kudos to the team at the Influence for putting together a memorable few days.

All in all, if you are looking for more of the usual, then stop right here. Seriously. Now, if you decide you need to get out there and really experience the world of entertainment, fashion, and more, make sure to sign up for the Wanderluxxe experience. Not only will you be joining an elite group of individuals, but you might also have some fun. I know I look forward to more events in the coming year, especially Sundance (maybe one more time?).

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