Buti Yoga: The New Fitness Mantra

Buti yoga seems to be the new mantra among celebrity women. It seems that Julia Roberts and Jennifer Love Hewitt love Buti yoga. After hearing this, I couldn’t resist myself from trying it out and to my surprise, I noticed change in my abdominal structure within first two classes. My body felt so light and it was then my love affair with Buti yoga started. … Continue reading Buti Yoga: The New Fitness Mantra

Lazy Girl’s Guide To Washing Your Face

Washing ones face has been the eternal struggle of lazy girls everywhere for years.  When you’re younger and more acne prone you tend to want to cleanse more often, as to get rid of any unwanted “friends” that have popped up.  As you get a bit older the stress of work, relationships, and attempting to maintain a social life take over, and skincare seems like … Continue reading Lazy Girl’s Guide To Washing Your Face

We Are Who We Are Waiting For

The rising evolution of millennial trends is sparking a change in today’s society. Instagram is dominating socially and entrepreneurially, passing the marker of millions of monthly active users, who share triple the photos. Snapchat has become a worldwide phenomenon, creating an anonymous outlet for sharing photos and videos that only appears for seconds. Youtube’s DIY video tutorials and how to’s attracts more than both combined … Continue reading We Are Who We Are Waiting For

America’s Mass Identity Crisis

Not a day goes by lately, where I don’t hear gloom and doom woven into casual conversations I have with others. Patients, strangers and acquaintances alike lament over a wide array of problems, from anger at the amount of spam finding its way onto cell phones and e-mail to disgruntled comments about how today’s young people leave much to be desired, anxiety related to racial … Continue reading America’s Mass Identity Crisis

Make Hot Yoga A Part Of Your Summer

Yoga. It’s either raved about or hated on. People who dread yoga usually use the excuse that they are not calm enough of a person to relax and meditate. It’s usually too “slow-moving”; not up to their par for a fast-paced daily workout. Yoga haters, think again. We have found a happy medium. Hot yoga, also known as Bikram yoga, is very similar to regular … Continue reading Make Hot Yoga A Part Of Your Summer

The Benefits Of Having An Internal Locus Of Control

Appearance; icon; image; The world’s perception of you. People don’t take it lightly, especially when who you are is mostly derived from your outward appearance. Humans battle to establish this through personal expression, despite their lack of control of societal judgments. Everyone’s actions are something to someone else, it’s a way to understand who a person is without knowing them intimately. How an individual tends to … Continue reading The Benefits Of Having An Internal Locus Of Control

Juicing For A Better Life

Some suggest that making raw juice is the ideal way to acquire better health and more energy in your life. In fact, knowing what to juice and what combinations of those ingredients will allow us to gain more from raw foods is very valuable information. Listed here are a couple of guidelines which will allow you make delicious healthy drinks for your entire family. First, be sure to make a … Continue reading Juicing For A Better Life

How To Live A Life You Love

Wake up, love your job, love your significant other and love the birds chirping (maybe not in that order). It’s just that easy, right? Some of you reading this are already shaking your heads, drinking your favorite beverage, glass half empty. How is that possible? EVERYDAY? Yes, it is true and it can be done. It all starts with the most important ingredient: Y-O-U! If … Continue reading How To Live A Life You Love