We Are Who We Are Waiting For

We Are Who We Are Waiting For

The rising evolution of millennial trends is sparking a change in today’s society.
Instagram is dominating socially and entrepreneurially, passing the marker of millions of monthly active users, who share triple the photos. Snapchat has become a worldwide phenomenon, creating an anonymous outlet for sharing photos and videos that only appears for seconds. Youtube’s DIY video tutorials and how to’s attracts more than both combined and the demand for Facebook that was existent merely 5 years ago has diminished.
Researchers are defining the generation as “Generation Z.” Consisting of individuals from ages 18-34, they are described as being highly fluent with technology and having a keen sense of intelligence for social media. Instagram passes 200 million monthly active users with more than 20 billion photos shared. (The Next Web) In comparison to the United State’s human population, that’s nearly its entire existence! 93% of Gen Z say they visit YouTube at least once a week, and 54% visit the site multiple times throughout the day. (mashable.com)
With such familiarity with technology, it is no surprise that Generation Z is one of the most driven. 72% of Generation Z wants to start their own business. (ryan-jenkins.com) and furthermore have faith that their business will prosper. Individuals categorized into Generation Z share an entrepreneurial motivation that drives them to believe starting a business comes through having faith in prosperity over contemplating the actual startup.
Combining Generation Z’s familiarity with social media and their aspiring business mindsets, marketing to and for them is best done through social media. “They’re growing up in a time of economic uncertainty, forced to be resourceful and self-motivated.” (mashable.com) “For Gen Z, it’s all about going your own way — starting your own company or creating a new product without waiting for permission, the right skill set, an academic degree or even years of work experience.” (Sparks & Honey)
Generation Z empowers itself. Barriers that prevented the prosperity of generations before have ceased to exist given the motivation that lies in Generation Z. According to an article written by Macala Wright, “We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for,” describes Gen Z best.

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