Ashley Graham: Changing The Fashion Standard

Ashley Graham: Changing The Fashion Standard

As some of us know, society and the media have had a tendency to define what a woman’s body should look like. Many label women of certain sizes as plus sized, while others blatantly use the term, fat. If a woman is not just comfortable in her own skin, but also healthy, why label her as fat if she has a few curves? Why have size 0-6 models somewhat become the mold behind what a woman should look like, considering the fact that the average woman isn’t any of those sizes? These so called ‘size labels’ are factors behind self-image issues and eating disorders that girls and women of all ages and sizes struggle with. It’s not just women with curves that are affected, but also those who are thin that don’t feel that they are thin enough. Numerous fashion houses, modeling agencies, and publications continuously feature thinner models, but with the “curvy girl era” coming to form, the trend might soon be shifting.

Just recently, model Ashley Graham made waves in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, showing off her curves in the #CURVESINBIKINIS ad for the Swim Sexy line. As the founder of the web workout videos for, “Curvy Fit Club,” which have been created to assist women in staying healthy, while looking voluptuously fit, Graham has become a driving force and pioneer behind bringing the “plus sized” label to the forefront. With the average woman in the US being a size 14, and the plus sized apparel industry raking in $18 billion annually, the Ashley Graham lingerie collection for Addition Elle is only the starting point behind the mark that Graham is making within the modeling, fitness, and apparel industries.


As Graham herself stated, “I know my curves are sexy and I want everyone to know that theirs are too. This is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt. The world is ready for more curves in bikinis.”

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