The Benefits Of Having An Internal Locus Of Control

Appearance; icon; image; The world’s perception of you.

People don’t take it lightly, especially when who you are is mostly derived from your outward appearance. Humans battle to establish this through personal expression, despite their lack of control of societal judgments. Everyone’s actions are something to someone else, it’s a way to understand who a person is without knowing them intimately. How an individual tends to handle this acumen can say more than the outward projection they consciously pieced together. The individual can either conclude that their circumstance is completely coincidental or, for those who are fortunate enough to have a strong internal locus of control, comprehend that all of your actions converge to make you who you are. The trick is knowing how to exploit your persona to improve your own quality of life.  

Countless opportunities are forfeited when a life is left up to a passive destiny. At the extreme it causes an animosity for people who do succeed by those who lack an internal locus of control. This irrational fear or hatred of others’ success is based on the distorted idea that success, and therefore happiness, is a zero-sum game; that another person’s success automatically takes away from your own. This belief breeds instability in the individual’s personality, which is often masked with a baseless pride that makes a person capable of sub-human behaviors when their image is threatened. Look no further than recurring civil wars in Central America, genocides in Africa, or gang shootings in Chicago. All these actions are an anarchical attitude of the individual, which one person or group acting above the other. Any challenge to this power, this pride, is met with violence above and beyond any initial threat. One who possess this internal locus of control knows that there is no external threat to an internal sense of empowerment; even the threat of taking life itself cannot remove the reality that is their sense of being and self-worth.

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