Forget Fast Food, Go Frozen

I may be super picky, but I love food. And up until recently, I had never really paid attention to nutritional facts or what was actually going into my body. My diet literally consisted of fast food, processed junk, and lots and lots of sweets. Now I’m a little more conscious of what I eat. I find myself counting calories and actually reading the nutritional facts on the … Continue reading Forget Fast Food, Go Frozen

MyMoon: In The Heart Of Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a neighborhood in Brooklyn established in 1664. It is connected to the East Village and the Lower East Side in Manhattan by the Williamsburg Bridge. Celebrities like Mel Brooks and Barbara Streisand were born here. Today Williamsburg is one of the hottest neighborhoods in New York. Forbes Magazine places the area in third place as one of  America’s Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods. But, before … Continue reading MyMoon: In The Heart Of Williamsburg

5 Dessert Places to Check Out In NYC

This summer, indulge your sweet tooth with our top 5 picks for desserts in New York City:   David Burke’s Fabrick, NYC David Burke Fabrick David Burke Fabrick has been my “go-to” restaurant for inventive spins on seasonal ingredients and beautifully delicious dishes since it opened. This summer, the roster of exceptional summer desserts created by Executive Pastry Chef Zac Young is no exception. The … Continue reading 5 Dessert Places to Check Out In NYC

20 Questions For The Man Behind Red Rooster

Vibrancy is not just the color palette that describes Marcus Samuelsson’s bespoke couture, but it also defines his way of life and vision for his blueprint of “Renaissance Renovation in Harlem.” He has infused his Ethiopian/Swedish culture, upbringing and French culinary training to create a brand that is as renowned as a modern day Langston Hughes of cuisine. 1. Tell us a very simple fact about … Continue reading 20 Questions For The Man Behind Red Rooster

The Original Umberto: The Godfather Of Pizza

The original Umberto’s in New Hyde Park has been a Zagat rated pizzeria and restaurant for years. Owner Umberto Corteo came to America as a teenager. He opened the famed restaurant in 1965 with his brother Joe. Umberto’s has been a staple in the community for over 40 years. Umberto’s traditional décor is stunning. The multi level establishment has grown over the years, expanding to … Continue reading The Original Umberto: The Godfather Of Pizza

Karlof: Russian Cuisine With An American Twist

I’ve always considered myself a meat and potato type of girl. I never thought I would enjoy a restaurant that served natural, vegan; grass fed, organic, vegetarian, gluten free dishes until last week.   Anchored in the heart of Cobble Hill, with a flair for flavor, is a Russian restaurant with ambiance and pizazz. Karloff has been a staple on Court Street for five years. … Continue reading Karlof: Russian Cuisine With An American Twist

Secret Foodie Destinations For 2015

With their incredible restaurants seemingly appearing overnight, cities such as Brooklyn and Portland have long since been discovered as foodie destinations. If you want coal-fired pizza ovens, craft beer or artisan doughnuts, you only have to stroll down the street a few blocks. But while these destinations have been basking in the limelight, other cities across America have been transforming their food scenes to much … Continue reading Secret Foodie Destinations For 2015

Isabella’s Cake Creations Is The New Cake Boss

Brooklyn’s own Isabella’s Cake Creations makes custom desserts for any occasion and even tops The Cake Boss in design and creations. Not only do they create aesthetically beautiful, tasteful delicacies for the Tri-State Area, they offer delivery in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. “If you can dream it, we can bake it!” Specializing in custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, mini cakes and desserts, Isabella’s Creations … Continue reading Isabella’s Cake Creations Is The New Cake Boss

A Brave New Pizza

In 2.5 seconds Pizza Hut’s newest technology can determine what kind of pizza you want before you do. This may sound like something out of an Orson Well’s novel, but the technology is real and is currently being tested in select markets. Are you someone who has to see something to believe it? Well, that’s basically how Pizza Hut’s newest menu works. The “Subconscious Menu,” … Continue reading A Brave New Pizza

A California Burrito In San Diego

Carne asada, sour cream, cheese, and French fries, wrapped tightly in a giant, warm flour tortilla. Hungry yet? It may sound simple, but the California burrito has taken San Diego by storm and has been slowly making its way up the West Coast. Although there’s no confirmed origin, the California burrito is easily the most popular burrito, and, because of this, has rightfully made its … Continue reading A California Burrito In San Diego