Draper James From Reese Witherspoon

Draper James From Reese Witherspoon

One of the biggest trends to recently emerge from Hollywood is the rise of the celebrity lifestyle brand. It’s fair to say that we can thank Gwyneth Paltrow for pioneering this trend back in 2008 with the launch of her lifestyle website GOOP (www.GOOP.com). GOOP originally started as a personal outlet for Gwyneth to share her unbiased opinions on nutrition, travel and style; but has since turned into a booming business for the star complete with brand partnerships and clothing collaborations. With the growing popularity of social media platforms, celebrities are now able to pull back the curtain and give fans a glimpse into their lifestyles and in some cases, direct links to how we can live them as well. Want to know what Gwyneth eats to stay in such great shape? Or where to get Blake Lively’s shirt she wore to the park last week? Look no further than their personal websites.
Everything from what to wear, to the best hotels and the latest beauty trends usually only reserved for the rich and famous are now accessible to us all. The latest celeb to get in on the lifestyle game is Oscar award winning actress and producer Reese Witherspoon with the launch of her southern lifestyle brand Draper James.

Unlike Paltrow’s GOOP, Draper James is less of a “guide to living” and more of a brand offering clothing, accessories and home décor options. Launched this past spring, Draper James was created by Reese in homage to her southern roots. Named after her grandparents Dorothea Draper and William James Witherspoon, Reese says she aims to “recapture and celebrate all that I love and remember about my grandparents and the South and bring contemporary, yet timeless Southern style to your wardrobe and your home, no matter where you live.” Throughout the site, Reese’s presence is felt from modeling the different looks to adding personal commentary and anecdotes in the “Love, Reese” section. A real southern girl at heart, Reese gives us insight into her lifestyle and design aesthetic.


True to southern style, Draper James clothing is preppy and polished with bright colors and bold prints. The collection is well rounded complete with dresses, tops, jeans and outerwear ranging in price from $100-$300. Along with clothing and accessories they also offer a line of home décor and gifting products including linens and stationary. True to southern form the site also offers a personalization shop where you can purchase monogrammed napkins, pillows and totes. Currently just an online shopping destination, there are plans in the works this fall to open up a storefront in Nashville that will mirror the look and feel of Witherspoon’s own home there.

While it still remains to be seen where this celebrity trend will eventually take us, Reese has definitely found a unique niche with Draper James, bringing southern style to the forefront. In an era where “Who are you wearing” is the most frequently asked question on the red carpet and across fashion blogs and magazines, there is no doubt about it that celebrities like Reese and Gwyneth Paltrow are on to something. For more information or to shop Draper James visit www.draperjames.com

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