Central Park 5 Coming Together From Ava DuVernay and Netflix

Central Park 5 Coming Together From Ava DuVernay and Netflix

If you didn’t enjoy A Wrinkle in Time then we don’t have much to talk about. Ava Duvernay’s imaginative take on a timeless classic came with mixed reviews but also heavy praise. Ava in general has been a bright light that has shown in a time where minorities and women are finally getting their just desserts. She has been outspoken in every major issue while also serving up hard hitting stories and concepts. As every simmering talent has, Ava has something cooking for Netflix.

Her limited series, Central Park, has put together a formidable cast to hold it down. Joshua Jackson (The Affair) will play Mickey Joseph, lawyer for Antron McCray. Christopher Jackson (Hamilton) will play Peter Rivera, lawyer for Raymond Santa, Jr. Blair Underwood (Quantico) is playing Bobby Burns, lawyer for Yusef Salaam. Omar Dorsey (Selma) and Adepero Oduya (12 Years A Slave) will play Elombre Brath and Nomsa Brath respectively, the husband and wife who were influential leaders and activists in Harlem. Famke Janssen (The Blacklist) will play Nancy Ryan, a Manhattan prosecutor who led the reinvestigation of the Central Park Five. Aurora Perrineau (Into the Dark) will play Tanya, the girlfriend of Raymond Santana, Jr.

The series will also include Michael K. Williams, Vera Farming, John Leguizamo, and Felicity Huffman.

Ava will be directing and writing, presenting us the story in 4 parts. As it is shooting currently in New York (is there anything better than a show that is actually shooting in New York City?), we should see it coming to light in 2019.

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