Nike x Carhartt: A Union Worth Celebrating

Nike has an extensive network of collaborators, from individual designers to major brands. Their capsule collections and limited drops are usually heralded, as very few companies do it better than them. Before it drops today, many people were scratching their heads over the Nike x Carhartt WIP collection. Carhartt WIP, the sub-label from Carhartt, brings together some well known Nike designs with Carhartt’s work background. They have taken four popular shoes and given them a makeover.

These shoes, the Air Force Utility 1 Low, the Air Force 1 Low, the  The Vandal Supreme High, and the Air Max 95, all showcase the marriage of both brands, from the colors, silhouettes, and hearty material. To celebrate this collaboration, Nike put on an aesthetic to fit the mood, bridging the Nike brand and the tough and tumble Carhartt staples. The event included a set from the legendary Questlove and gave us an in depth look at what you can pick up today. Make sure to check out the collection and purchase yours here. 


The Nike x Carhartt WIP collection is available on SNKRS today. 

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