A Drinking Man’s Game: As Cold as Ice

As I sit here staring at the ice sphere slowly melting in my rocks glass, I think to myself. I wonder how other people prefer to chill their cocktails? Weird right? I promise I’m not stoned either, but this is something that really got me thinking. What are you currently using to chill your drink of choice, and what’s the best way to keep cocktails cool for longer periods? Obviously there isn’t a correct answer, but in this piece I will speak to the alternatives that I consider the most optimal ways to prolong the coolness of your drink.
There are two ways I truly consider to be the most effective to get my drinks cold faster and longer. These are shakers and sphere molds. Neither are profound by any means, but at this point I’m surprised when a avid drinker does not have these tools in their arsenal. Besides functionality, these items add a bit of décor and flash to a lifeless home bar. With it being such an easy way to impress guests and show you’re serious about your drinking, I really feel it’s a must.

Preparation for my drinks starts a few days beforehand, that’s when I normally freeze the ice spheres. My wife will tell you, I literally morph into a mad scientist, opting to boil salt water before placing it inside my molds. This is definitely not necessary but it makes for a more attractive looking drink when there aren’t frozen minerals congealed in the center of the ice. This will typically leave you with an ice ball that resembles the clear consistency of ice cicles. Ice spheres are my favorite because you can get a few pours while only using a single sphere. Ice spheres melt pretty slowly and will definitely add the needed water for opening up the aromatics of a spirit.

Utilizing a shaker is my go to method for cooling drinks quickly. It’s as simple as throwing a couple of ice cubes in with your drink and begin to hit them with the shoulders. Within a minute or so you’ll find yourself nearly fumbling the shaker and on the brink of frostbite, but it will be worth it . When you pour your favorite chilled concoction and enjoy the nectar produced from the distillery gods, you will definitely be thanking me.

There are many other options than the two options provided too. There’s truly a plethora of alternatives available that all work well with different beverages. There are whiskey stones which come in a slew of varieties. You have basalt to steel whiskey stones to many others. There are so many products that will keep your drinks colder without ruining the experience and taste for you. . The best part about using stones is that, you can prepare a chilled neat pour without the defilement of said pour.

See there was a method to my madness after all. I want you to think to yourself; how do I keep my drinks chilled? If you aren’t utilizing any of these methods, you’re probably losing out on enhancing the experience of your spirits. So on your next liquor run make sure to pick up these and pour you up a cup of the funk. Cheers!

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