A Drinking Man’s Game: Rogue “Dead Guy Whiskey”

A Drinking Man's Game: Rogue "Dead Guy Whiskey"

What’s up folks! I know it’s been a few weeks since the last review, but I wanted to take the time to ensure that you guys were receiving higher caliber content in a more immersive manner. So with that created new social media pages; where I share the experiences and products that I’ve previously reviewed as well as other items that definitely stood out. This process sometimes requires one, two or maybe a three drams to get the task completed. As you may figure by now, the dram holds the fuel that drives ADMG. You must understand that a 1/8 once of whiskey is the magic potion needed to set the vibe to perfection. Once the funk consoles my soul, there’s no more to it but to go with it and bestow you guys with the insight you need on the latest spirits.

I wanted to return with a spirit that I absolutely love and a brand that people are familiar with. If you consistently read ADMG, it’s extremely evident that whiskey is a favorite. Since whiskey is considered the drink of distinguish men like myself, its only right that its shared with those who share some of the same views. That being said, I had the pleasure to spend some family time with my brother-in-law Vin. Vin happens to be someone whose opinion I often seek when I embark on my spirit excursions. This is due to his unique palate which tends to be rather unorthodox, but always effective.

As with most of our family engagements, there’s normally a great selection on deck. However, there was one problem when we reached Vin’s house; this time there were no booze. Vin and I immediately decided to hit the liquor store like two college kids on a Friday night. Upon arriving, it was apparent that this store had a slew of new names and brands to me. I literally think my eyes glazed over as I began to drool. This was like a booze utopia, just ready for to me indulge, and honestly I couldn’t wait. We walked the aisles, picking up bottle after bottle checking if one another had tried what the other grabbed. I noticed a brand I was pretty familiar with, Rogue. Only thing is that I wasn’t aware that Rogue also sold whiskey or any other spirit for that matter. I knew them to be an exceptional brewery who has excelled in recent years due to the craft brewery craze. Having enjoyed their beers in the past, I promptly decided to go with Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey.

Vin and I did not have a chance to crack open the whiskey while I was at his house, so it was definitely priority one when I got home. As soon as I arrived I reached in the freezer and grabbed the ice spheres, ready to start this tasting. After letting the Dead Guy Whiskey sit on ice for about 5 minutes; it was time. Upon the first sip there was a subtle hint of orange that sits on the tongue. That was followed by a oaky flavor that resonates in most whiskey. I Immediately thought to myself this would make an excellent Manhattan. The citrus oaky flavor of Dead Guy Whiskey dances on your palate and would mix flawlessly. After having a few more and finding myself slightly feeling pretty damn good, I decided to mix it up a little. I decided to create whiskey sodas and a whiskey coke. The presence of the Dead Guy Whiskey paired well in the mixes, giving me a vibe of what an orange coke would be if it existed. I mean if there was a spiked Coca-Cola of course.

Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey is definitely one to try. If you enjoy hints of citrus in your whiskey, this is the one as it gives a subtle hint of orange that blends well with the oaky taste of whiskey. At only $40, it’s worth getting your weekend started with Rogue’s Dead Guy Whiskey.

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