A Visual Art Show That Works

A Visual Art Show That Works

One of the things that has been missing from this post COVID world has been the ability to appreciate true creativity. Up until only a few months ago being able to enjoy the arts has been limited to scrolling through pictures on Instagram, or hoping to get a time slot at a museum or activation. It has been a process, and mostly a frustrating one. I haven’t been the biggest fan of the Zoom substitutes but Support Creativity’s Untitled 6 Virtual Awards Show was a treat.

A Visual Art Show That Works

Support Creativity is the brainchild of Steve Ortiz Lucin, who saw the need to mentor and help creatives who were passionate for what they do. Since 2013 they have received over 4,000 applications (wow!) and awarded over $45,000 in scholarships, regardless of citizenship status. The show was also hosted by Luiggy Gomez from Uptowns Finest. Uptowns Finest is a lifestyle brand that honors Uptown NYC culture and the artists that live there. With a really innovative and eye catching digital backdrop (it looked amazing and seriously keeps your attention), our hosts took us through some bumping DJ sets, intriguing interviews, and of course presenting our winners. The winners M Dougherty, Lily Allen, and Sarah Etukudo.

Make sure to check out their video below and tune in for their next show! In a time like this we need the arts.

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