Catching Up With Dan Stagliano

Catching Up With Dan Stagliano

It’s been almost 3 years since we first caught up with one of our favorite up and coming Aussie entertainers Dan Stagliano. And since we  believe life is always better with a sprinkle of Aussie in our lives we decided to hunt down the funnyman actor and host to see what mischief he’s been up to since we last sat down for a chat!

Dan, it’s so good to see you again! How have you been since we last caught up?

I’m psyched you wanted to chat with me again!!!! This will make my mum so proud! Usually one catch up with me is more than enough for most people! I jest, you find me happy and healthy, which is all a guy can ask for. More than that I’ve been working also which is a bonus.

Given your extensive work in TV and film here in the US over the past 11 years, what advice do you have for any actors wanting to move to the US?

Ooh good question. Moving over to the other side of the world can be daunting no doubt. What I would say is plan and be meticulous about it. Research as much as you can, little things, how to open a bank account and get bankcards, how to attain a drivers license. Look into neighborhoods you might want to live in, does that neighborhood offer amenities (public transport, supermarket, Laundromat etc.) and work opportunities close by?

Join groups with likeminded people who can help out with these things. A good one is Aussies In LA on Facebook (for Australians specifically!)

Ok that’s the life stuff, in terms of acting, take classes. Meet people and network. That’s the biggest thing starting out. Ensure people know you and your work.

Catching Up With Dan Stagliano

There isn’t an industry that hasn’t been affected by the global pandemic. The entertainment industry has been hit hard. What have you done to keep busy throughout the down time?

It really has been a horrible 18 or so months to say the least. Seeing and hearing about so many people who have been affected is just heartbreaking. So I’m sending out all the love and my bestest vibes to everyone!

For me though in terms of work it offered me a chance to devote some serious time to projects I had created but not otherwise had the opportunity build out. Over the past 12 months I completed the TV pilot of a scripted comedy I co-created and co-wrote with my friend Saro Varjabedian. In addition to that I created a sports themed show that has received plenty of interest which is exciting! We have legendary Hall of Fame NFL players attached and are in discussions with a big screening platform at the moment discussing partnership……but in true ‘sunglasses on in a dark nightclub’ Hollywood style, I can’t say anymore at this point!

How do you do spend your time in LA when you’re not working on a project?

Honestly I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and California is the best place to feed my high-octane needs! During winter I whip out my snowboard and head north to race head first down the slopes. Then, depending on how energetic I’m feeling, I’ll dash back south and trade boards, snowboard for surfboard!

I hear you’ve mastered the American accent? How difficult was it? How do decide each morning which accent to use for the day?

Do you think the readers know which accent I’m using just by the words on this page???? Heyyyy How YOU doin? (Joey from friends right there!)

I have worked on my American accent since I moved stateside back in 2010.  I still work on it to this day. Practice makes perfect they do say!!! Actually I’m fortunate, my voice and accent coach is industry legend Mr. Lester Shane! If I require a specific US dialect or even foreign accent for a role I hit up Mr. Shane to perfect that accent. We spend hours on it. It’s an integral aspect of any role.

What projects are you currently working on?

Well I just attended the premiere of a TV pilot I shot late last year called UNUM. The creator is already planning the next episode and is in discussions with Amazon and Hulu which is exciting.

I am also in discussions for a lead role in a feature movie that has been adapted from a stage play, all based in and around the world of wrestling……sun’s out guns out!

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