Knicket: The Search Engine for Apps


After 12 months in development and beta testing, Knicket released the first ever app search engine. The app search engine is designed to make searching for apps easier than ever, by providing an uncluttered, easily navigable framework. Knicket works like a traditional search engine, but for apps instead of webpages.

The filter and tag based app search engine enables users to discover the best apps and games for their needs. As part of an asynchronous database, Knicket works to provide a near real-time search experience. With Knicket, users can now search a tailored app world, before downloading or purchasing a single app.

This real time engine is able to guide users to the most appropriate apps for their needs with its intuitive selection of search tools. The suite of search tools includes user rating filters, a price slider, and suggested tags, which help to narrow down each search. With over 2 million apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play store, Knicket helps to generate a sensibly curated list.

What truly sets Knicket apart, is its ability to filter search results. Founder and CCO of Knicket, Uwe Flade, wanted to design a superior search engine for apps, and that is what he did. Knicket is convenient, with its search filters, and offers timely search results.

Statistics show that approximately 40,000 new apps are added to the Apple App Store and Google Play store each month. With such a large volume of apps available, it can be difficult to find the app that best suits your needs. Dr. Thomas Jung, founder and CEO of Knicket, found an appeal in getting tailored results. It’s impractical to scroll through multiple pages to find the app that is best for your need.

With Knicket, you can use tags and add in as many filters as you please to narrow your search results. Frustrating downloads, false starts, and hours spent going through page after page are all avoided. It’s as easy as search, select, and download.

To search, simply type in a term (for example Fitness), and then click the arrow. Next, choose tags (for example Health and Fitness Apps or Personal Trainer) by clicking on the choices that come up. You may then apply filters to narrow the search results even further. You may sort by relevance, maturity, rating, price, and in-app purchase (which allows you to search all iOS and Android apps).

Within six months of Knicket going live, it has helped over 600,000 people in 193 countries. It is currently offered in English and German, and will soon be offered in nearly a dozen foreign languages. It also has plans to increase functionality and monetize its results with more advertising options.


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