Nike Air Force 1x Joost van Brug

Nike Air Force 1x Joost van Brug

Possibly the most iconic shoe ever. Yeah, that’s a solid way to start this one. The Nike Air Force 1 is quite conceivably the most iconic sneaker ever made. It’s a true classic silhouette that has justly lasted the test of time. The shoe has been adapted and altered through the eras with a vast amount of variations and modifications. This has included different materials, versions, and themes. Different parts of the world have an affinity for completely different models of the shoe in different colorways. My corner of the world has always had a love for the white on white lows in the summer then transitioning to the black on black lows for the fall. Many nicknames have also been given through the generations, but the love has never changed. You would honestly be hard pressed to find anyone who is a fan of sneakers that has never owned a pair. The Air Force 1 is also one of the few shoes synonymous with the hip hop culture, which has always been a pivotal part of the influence on the sneaker world. It has been some years since the billboard topping song dedicated to the silhouette has been in rotation. Since then some of the greatest versions of the shoe have come out.

In recent years luxury has been the focus with the Air Force 1. Premium materials and collaborations with designers have been a priority with recent pairs. The last two years have resulted in collaborations with Clot, Supreme, Riccardo Tisci and Acronym. 2016 has brought us Ultra Flyknit, Pony hair, Reflective Camo, the Special Field edition, the Will Leather Goods ID, and the What The Pendleton ID. The Air Force 1 has become so iconic and influential, it has become the embodiment of art. Recently being adopted as the centerpieces and focal points of many artists. Just recently Nike has hooked up with Joost van Brug in of their latest feature. The Art of SNKRS: Air Force 1 is the title of this latest installment.

“I wanted to shoot something new with sneakers, and my brother is obsessed with Nikes. To me, his collection is just the same shoe in different colors and a big color palette. I just pick shoes based on the color I like, but he told me the stories behind the colorways in his collection.”

The piece is definitely a must see; and honestly there is no better time. With Kith re-releasing the highly coveted Linen Air Force 1, and the triple white SF model from ComplexCon getting a general release soon: it seems to be a prime moment to speak on the  legendary pair. Check out The Art of SNKRS: Air Force 1 and let us know what you think.


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