Vintage Flows: Save Room for His LVE: A Legends Wine Review

Vintage Flows: Save Room for His LVE: A Legends Wine Review

“Sometimes I take all the shine
Talk like I drank all the wine
Years ahead but way behind
I’m on one, two, three, four, five”
-Kanye West feat. JOHN LEGEND, Ghost Town

I don’t know about you but, John Legend has been singing the soundtrack to my love life’s past, present and future for as long as I can remember. Yes, even before I ever heard of John Legend, his music has transcended time both backwards and forwards in my life. Always speaking to me as a young man getting my heart broken, and to my missteps and transgressions as I’ve gotten older. Honestly, his music still speaks to my soul to this day. I’ve even promised to myself that I will dance to his song “Live It Up” on my wedding day…whenever that happens!

So as you can imagine, when I received John Legends LVE Cabernet Sauvignon in the mail from Gary Vee’s Wine Club I was overcome with all types of emotion. From memories of “the one that got away”, to thoughts of saving it for that next “special someone”, to pouring down the sink to erase the sad memories and emotions I often find myself in connecting to his music.  Of course I kept it and waited for the opportunity to enjoy it. I wanted to capture what his music means to me by way of a “Vintage Flows” style wine review.

Vintage Flows: Save Room for His LVE: A Legends Wine Review

Know this wine was made in collaboration with the very popular and reputable Raymond Vineyards. John didn’t just decide to start making wine in his bath tub. He paired with a very serious vineyard and winemaker to execute on the best wine possible. Right off the bat this LVE cabernet Sauvignon is not a cheap bottle of wine by your everyday wine drinkers standards. So understand, you are purchasing a wine that is not to be shared with “Ordinary People”. The bottle’s label is stunning graphics of beautiful red roses, so there is no question that this wine was “Made to Love”. The color of this vino is deep and dark with a full-figured body that says “Love Me Now”. It’s richness in color and body immediately lets you know it’s about to be a “Good Night”. On the whiff of the LVE wine is a slice of California Cabernet “Heaven”. I smelled ripe dark berries, bittersweet chocolate covered raisins, and a strong, clean oak aroma you would think is being used to “Start a Fire”. The flavors of this wine worked in “Stereo” with pretty much everything I smelled. You’re still getting those rich, ripe dark berries with a kiss of some black cherry as well. A rich, creamy dark chocolate, mocha flavor wraps itself around these delicious, ripe fruit flavors oh so gently, as if you can hear it whisper into you ear, “I’ll Stay With You”. You then get that taste of subtle spicy, oaky goodness that fills your cheeks as if you were smiling too hard from that feeling of being told, you’re “Number One”.

Despite having skepticism of celebrities putting their names on brands to collect a check, I truly tasted a passion in this wine. This is something that has become synonymous with the John Legend catalog. Talk about being “So High” with emotion and nostalgia, I hope there’s a psychedelic contact for you to enjoy as well. It’s delicious aromas and flavors should be enough to make you want to go out and buy this wine. However, if John Legends music touched your life the way it has touched mine, then its guaranteed to be a “Surefire” hit! Check it out for yourself.

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