“I got extensive hoes with expensive flows,
And I sip fine wine to spit vintage flows.
What y’all don’t know?
You can’t knock the hustle.”
-JAY Z, Can’t knock the hustle

That verse is from one of the greatest poets of my time, Sean Carter. Jay-z was the initial inspiration behind my column, “Vintage Flows”. It was the realization that as much as wine has become cool to talk about, most people are usually not interested in the “nerdy” or “snobby” aspects about wine. It also symbolized how many people are turned off by the people who are heavily into it. This column was designed to bring cultures together by finding common ground and creating conversation, that’s what I love about it.

Truth be told, we are all guilty of being “nerdy” or “snobby”. It may not even be about wine. Have you ever been with a group of people and two people get into a conversation no one else is able to keep up with? For example, have you been in the crossfire of two sports junkies that wander off into their own Sportscenter debate show? Breaking down play by play like they were John Madden himself?! Or what about fantasy football players? I have yet to attend a wine tasting or dinner as pretentious as the Fantasy Football Drafts I’ve participated in. You would think lives depended on the outcome of these damn leagues. I’ve never got in between those types of people, because I am that person. I’m usually making everyone else uncomfortable with my sports commentary.

Let’s expand on this. Have you ever been around two people that watch the same TV show? You know how they’ll talk about characters individually as if they know these people personally? They are so emotionally invested into these characters, you would think they were actually living this “Game of Thrones” drama they rave about. That’s the passion that is confused for “nerdy” or “snobby” within the wine culture surprisingly. The difference is simply the language. A wine enthusiast or Connoisseur wants to know as much as they could possibly retain about wine. The same exact way a sports fan wants to know as much about stats or player as they possibly can. The only real separation is the language. I am someone who thoroughly enjoys both, sometimes at the same time. So who better to point this out than your Corner Store Wine Connoisseur? Instead of Quarterbacks, wine people are talking about Cabernets. Instead of hit series, wine people are talking about growing regions. Instead of top 5 rappers of all time, wine people are talking about top 5 winemakers of all time. This the space I thrive in. I am the guy who can elevate both of the both variations of those conversations in any group you can think of. This is why it’s so important to me to bridge the gap while introducing and educating both sides to the other.

Like most interests, hobbies, or passions for enthusiasts and Connoisseurs, wine is an escape from reality. It allows them to get completely lost in everything that is wine and forget about work, or bills, or issues in the home. So the next time you hear a conversation about Bordeauxs and Burgundies, go ahead and ask. Ask who’s the “Tony Soprano” of California winemakers? Who is the New England Patriots of wine regions? Whatever you’re into, It’s all relative.

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