A Drinking Man’s Game: The Glenlivet Code

A Drinking Man's Game: The Glenlivet Code

I’ve been on hiatus for the past few weeks, this I know, but I return with something special. It is something unorthodox for A.D.M.G this week as I got the honor of sampling a new product from a well established brand. How is this unorthodox, you may ask. Well for some of you that may be new to A.D.M.G, we  eliminate the annoying search for the weekend’s drink choice by purchasing and tasting up and coming brands that you may be unfamiliar. This brand is absolutely familiar to most readers, but it’s still as enjoyable.

I usually search for the new brands on the shelf. Besides loving to experiment with new products, I also find older brands to be a bit monotonous and boring. So when I was given the opportunity to sample Glenlivet’s new spirit Code, of course I jumped at the opportunity. Glenlivet has always been a staple in my household. My grandfather even kept a steady supply in his home bar, making it my first introduction to the wonderful world of scotch. Unbeknownst to my grandfather, my cousin and I would pop shots of his 15yr. Of course it had to be secret due to the fact that it was a 15yr and if my grandfather noticed, he would’ve killed us. Sorry grand dad!

Glenlivet’s approach for Code scotch is really unique. It embodies everything that I love. Glenlivet has released a limited edition single malt whiskey without releasing casking notes or tasting notes. The purpose is to challenge consumers to “Unlock the Taste” via a digital experience. Every bottle has a unique bar code on the back of the bottle that can be scanned using the Shazam app. Once the consumer scans the code they are then greeted by Glenlivet’s Master Distiller Alan Winchester. This will then take consumers through a immersive experience to decode the taste of the spirit which also includes a virtual tasting room. Then after decoding the flavors you are given a score based on what you taste. At the end of the year Glenlivet will release official taste notes, thus giving you time to really enjoy the spirit.

What do I think about Glenlivet Code? It’s great! It smells and taste phenomenal. There are some really cool flavors that I discovered. I tasted pepper, honey, oak, spice, chocolate and grapes. The first flavors that hit my palate were pepper and oak, but as the spirit settled I started tasting chocolate and honey. It didn’t remind me of any other single malt that I’ve tasted before. At times I felt as if I were sipping a spiked Can or Pinot. Spiked is a bit a negative but not in this case. There’s a savviness to Code.

Glenlivet has got a intriguing product on there hands matched with the a pretty cool marketing campaign. It is priced at $120 per bottle but what you are purchasing is the experience that is Glenlivet Code. None the less this spirit is worth every penny as you will uncover many flavors and build on your palate’s imagination.


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