VINTAGE FLOWS- Rock N’ Rosé: Hampton Water Marks Its Territory

VINTAGE FLOWS- Rock N' Rosé: Hampton Water Marks Its Territory

“I would drink of your river, it would always get me high

What was once my salvation, now tastes like bitter wine”
-Bon Jovi, Bitter Wine

Growing up in Jersey City, literally a swim away from New York, I couldn’t help but notice this little brother treatment Jersey gets. I’m sure being the youngest of three didn’t help that for me either. Everything that happens in the city is so magnified while anything that comes from Jersey gets glazed over. I mean, the Statue of Liberty resides in New Jersey for Christ sake! Even Lady Liberty knows that New York traffic is trash and would rather avoid it. It’s something I can’t help but have a sense of pride for. So when I found out NJ Rock legend Jon Bon Jovi’s son, Jesse Bongiovi (Jon’s actual last name) made a wine, I had to get on board and show some love.

I made my way to Cambridge Wines in Morristown, where they were hosting a tasting of the Bongiovi Rosé, “Hampton Water”. The event was spearheaded by super talented fellow wine influencer, Sandra Zotti. The man of the hour, Jesse was in attendance taking photos, kissing babies, etc. He was working the room like his father in his heyday, a real chip off the old block that one.

So right off the bat, the name of the wine is “Hampton Water” Rosé. The inspiration behind the wine comes from the Hamptons lifestyle, which Jesse seems to be quite familiar with. Allow me to mention, ironically I’ve never been to the Hamptons. However, I assume the swimming pools are filled with Rosé, they wash their laundry in Rosé, and if you open a refrigerator, there’s a Brita filled with Rosé that automatically refills itself. Once again, I’m assuming and I appreciate that they play right into it.

The color of this Rosé is a soft, subtle and sexy pink. It has this vibrant aura to it that can be intimidating if you allow it. It’s like that hot chick at the bar that everyone’s afraid to approach, but she’s so cool. The one that strikes up a conversation with you because she likes your T-shirt. When you get close enough to catch a whiff, you immediately know this Rosé is a vibe all its own. It has this strawberry soda, candy cherries, and salt water ocean breeze aroma to it. She’s handing out whiplash as she walks by, for sure.

Now you’ve gotten a small glimpse of what this Rosé is about, it’s time to make your move. You put your lips to Rosé and quickly find out, it’s not as sweet and innocent as you may have initially thought. This Rosé is a biter! As pretty as it looks and smells, this Rosé doesn’t play around. The flavors punch, kick, scratch and suffocates you in a way that just hurts so good! It’s just a little more than you’re ready for. You just have to take a step back, get your mind right, and get back in the game. This Rosé wants someone that won’t back down and is confident enough to show appreciation and affection in public.

VINTAGE FLOWS- Rock N' Rosé: Hampton Water Marks Its Territory


What I thought would be an expensive night was rather fair. This Rosé is pretty low maintenance. For 40.99, its you, Hampton Water Rosé, a few items off the dollar menu, that Netflix subscription, and a night to never forget Make no mistake though, this is a Rosé you can bring home to mom. Check one out for yourself!

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