The Wild West

The Wild West

To say Kanye West marches to the beat of his own drum is an understatement. Potentially one of the greatest creatives of our time, Yeezy has never been concerned with what we think. Seen as someone who is always looking to innovate against the norm and create culture with some of the most elaborate methods possible, Kanye is in a league of his own. He has established himself on making any and all visuals an artistic masterpiece with cultivating concepts meant to provoke thought in the youth. Ye is never to be taken lightly. Think about it. We are speaking about Kanye West and we are barely discussing his musical genius. He has migrated from what was expected of his career to living his visions and aspirations.

Aside from the music, style has always been associated with Ye. Early days of pink Polos have since become a more direct minimalistic look. Ironically he has contributed to his wife, the omnipresent Kim Kardashian, taking a more extravagant approach to fashion. Fresh off of Yeezy Season 4 (how many of you picked up a pair of those Boosts?)and with his dream machine moving at full steam, Ye is still driven to say the least. The first installment of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 has just touched down and was very well received.  Fresh off that success he also is blessing us with another Boost 750. In recent events Adidas has actually downsized its flagship stores to replace them with Yeezy stores. That is honestly impressive. Kanye always said he had a vision that most of us would love when it came to fruition and that many attempted to stifle and quarantine to a certain area.

Now, back to the personal stylings of Yeezus himself. In comparison to his more vibrant and at times felt to be outspoken personality; as mentioned Ye’s style has shifted to a simpler approach. Now sporting many darker colors and earth tones, less layers, accessories, and color blending; he is seen in single, simple tones from head to toe. Now just because the stylings may be more simplistic that far from means a quality that lives up to his name is not present. The materials and resources used to craft his pieces are always up to the standard of an individual who declared themselves the most influential person in the last one hundred years. As he continues to break down walls from moving from what some viewed as urban chic to a high-end vogue platform, the best may be yet to come. He has managed to remain very consistent with his line and its vision.

What has truly been impressive and awing is that Kanye’s style of dress has actually changed and been fitting to the sound and feeling of his music. It’s interesting to see his external creativity from two of his different arts actually coincide so seamlessly. They always say that the best artists are those that pull their creativity from something internal and the fact that he can do so with such cohesion is something to take notice to. Pay attention. 

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