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Many companies and products often boast about the quality and innovation their products bring. They often claim to be the best-new-cutting edge product in their respective markets, and frankly a lot of them don’t live up to the hype. With BODYARMOR that’s not the case. A few weeks back we were lucky enough to receive a variety of their flavors to create this piece. We knew how we already felt about the brand themselves, but the results we got through our trials were definitely unexpected. We took the last few weeks to do a slew of workouts with not only BODYARMOR but some of the other hydration drinks on the market. The results were interesting to say the least.

For starters BODYARMOR just naturally tastes better than a lot of the other options out there. It doesn’t taste like a typical sports hydration beverage. The best way I can explain it is like when gummy vitamins became popular. They were easy for kids to enjoy because they didn’t taste like vitamins. BODYARMOR is actually an enjoyable drink. It’s a given that it replenishes a lot of the hydration and vitamins needed after a workout for peak performance, but it’s also actually refreshing to drink itself. This is probably due to use of Coconut Water and other natural flavors in their drinks. BODYARMOR is a more natural approach to a sports drink. With more potassium and less sodium than the alternatives which truly helps with hydration.

The quality of the product itself is all paired with a heavy variety of flavors which isn’t so common. Some of the alternatives may have had different iterations and versions of their products which led to different flavors, but in the base lineup alone BODYARMOR touts eleven standard flavors, with an additional four “Lyte” flavors, and their Sportswater. I personally would love to see the Pomegranate Acai Green Tea come back, but we can’t have everything we want in life now can we? If you are thinking why would I emphasize this? Simply think of this you average person looking to migrate to a healthy lifestyle struggles with discipline. When it comes to meal prepping we often hear people saying they have a tough time with it because they get tired of eating the same thing after a couple of days. That same thing applies here. Combine that with the fact that pallets can vary, having a vast product selection allows BODYARMOR to appeal to more people because you have choices.

With our trials we did six different days of workouts, with three different types of workouts. Each workout had two different days dedicated to it with us using BODYARMOR for one day and an alternative on the other day. The biggest difference we noticed was how we felt through the workouts and in the hours after the workouts. We had short high impact routines for one of the sessions. Heavy cardio and stamina based routines for another. And our final sessions were longer endurance based regiments to put the body to the ultimate test. What we noticed with the high impact workout was with afterwards we genuinely felt less soreness and tightness than we did with the others. With the heavy cardio routine we needed the hydration during the workout. We noticed that we felt better through the actual workout. It was easier to push through certain exercises, and we actually felt we could go a bit longer if needed. The last workout we spent the most time with. We also felt it necessary to hydrate through the workouts rather than after we completed. When we used some of the alternatives we felt fine afterwards, but didn’t feel like we had what we needed through the workout. With BODYARMOR we didn’t seem to cramp, hit a wall, or feel gassed through the workout; this was a refreshing experience for us.

BODYARMOR is definitely for todays athlete. A lot of us have grown up on other products who’ve pretty remained with their approach for some time. BODYARMOR is moving from a different approach. A more natural, refined approach that is truly rooted in today. As a product they easily stand on their own, and for anyone who is looking to be active we highly recommend you give them a try.

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