Beauty, Fame, And Food


Taylor Anne Erickson is an American model and chef.  By the age of 18, she was living abroad in Greece, France and Italy pursuing her lifelong dream of being a model. During her overseas travels, she was having lunch at a small, humble restaurant (that was very subtle in decor and character) and that is when the light bulb went off. “It was love at first taste and from that moment on, I knew without a doubt what I needed to do. I went back to the states and enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu School for French Cuisine.”


Image  by Dreamstate Photos 

“I have been in love with cooking, and food for that matter, since before I can remember. Long before culinary school, I traveled the world in search of the perfect consume…the creamiest risotto…the one that just barely runs but curiously stays intact…and the most fragrant truffles…and the pasta…that’s for another time because there isn’t enough room in a summary! I am happy to say that I finally found most of what I was looking for in one place, Paris.”

Taylor is known for her videos and her beauty. “I take my video camera everywhere with me and have made sure to capture all of this crazy adventure. The kitchen is a place where the action never stops…. I suppose this is both the most challenging and most amazing part of this industry. I believe that a true chef is an artist. At the base, it’s all about that magic of creating something from nothing. I believe in putting your heart into it. After Arpege, I am planning on taking my culinary career in the direction of food media. I love the idea of sharing the excitement of food with millions of viewers.”

In 2010, after the horrific earthquake hit Haiti, Taylor was involved in starting a camp in Jacmel, Haiti for women and children. This led her to serve as ambassador to a charity Word & Action, which is involved in stopping child abuse in Haiti and helping to create a healthy environment for children to thrive and dream. As ambassador to Word & Action, she contributes efforts by raising awareness for the aims, objectives, and priorities of the organization. “Traveling and meeting a wide range of influential people in many industries from fashion, to the culinary arts, to film, to humanitarian efforts, has definitely aided in my ability to promote for this cause. If we can all somehow come together the force of aid would be momentous.”

Taylor is also on the board of Foundation Appui A L’Education. FAE is a foundation that works to rebuild Haiti’s schools that were destroyed in the earthquake.

Visit for more information on how you can help Taylor in her charitable efforts. Also visit to join her mailing list.

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