Attitude & Attire: Tips For Altitude

Attitude & Attire: Tips For Altitude

s I pack for my trip to DR I am almost immediately presented with the tough task of what exactly to bring along with me to wear. Remaining stylish is always a must, but when traveling it can be a very difficult process due to many variables. Whether it be when, where, or why you are going, the right gear for a trip is vital. Now of course, anything built properly is built from the ground up. So if it weren’t already obvious the shoes are going to be the most crucial thing to the equation. Also, what you bring is just as important as how you bring it with you, which we are definitely going to speak on later.

There are many different parts that play into to footwear for trips. When the trip is taking place, as far as the time of year is a major factor. Where you are going on said trip is also just as an important piece. There is also the why which can be a necessary point, but is not always important. One other thing that can be a big player in this equation is how long is the trip.

Where you are going is basically going to decide how far of an extreme you go with your footwear. I doubt you would bring boots to the beach, as well as I doubt you take Nike slides for a hike. The proper shoe will make or break your general travel experience if they don’t fit the overall atmosphere of the destination. Where goes hand in hand with when due to weather and climate conditions and variations in said destination. Why is tricky due to the purpose of the trip I’m headed out for a wedding so I will have something to accommodate, same thing applies if you are doing more activities with movement or clubbing and events. The duration is solely important due to volume of shoes, and volume basically controls how you plan on packing them.

Packing shoes is almost as much an art as packing clothes for a trip. Where rolling seems to be the method for clothing because it maximizes space; there are similar techniques for footwear. So much so that many companies and designers make bags specifically for footwear with compartments and linings to protect and secure the shoes. My favorite happens to be the collaboration with Flud x Mayor. Now these bags serve the most vital purpose to your travel shoes; and helps avoid a common rookie mistake. NEVER PACK YOUR SHOES AND CLOTHES IN THE SAME TRAVEL BAG. Some say if its all carry-on you are good, I say avoid it completely. The first reason being, if it goes as check-in the weight of the shoes increases the price. Another reason is it reduces the space and can cause you to bend or damage the shoes. And the most important reason which I learned from a personal experience of a close friend; that bag can be stolen. This is why my sneakers are in a separate bag and that bag is always a carry-on.

So now with all of this knowledge the question still remains, what shoes do you happen to bring with you? The perfect shoes to travel with are actually trainers/runners. Due to the shoe being a low top it can look well with shorts, joggers, and pants. It can be pulled off for a club or an event, a restaurant setting, or if you are doing more active things. Also they can be lightweight enough not to be a nuisance packing or carrying; and can have the traction and comfort for activities, but still be sleek enough for style purposes. Highs can take up too much space in bags to take a variety of them. Many basketball shoes can easily be spotted and are hype magnets to be stolen. Many trainers and runners don’t have those problems, you can have a gem that the naked eye can acknowledge their beauty, but not know there value or clout. They also can come with materials that may be able to take more wear or be easier to clean and manage.

So now that you are in the know with flying fly, I hope your travels are safe, memorable and nothing less than fresh.

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