Meghan Trainor’s Debut Album Title Entertains & Surprises

Meghan Trainor’s Debut Album Title Entertains & Surprises

eghan Trainor’s 2015 debut album Title, released on January 9, showcases her upbeat, soulful voice and fine-tuned style. The talented 21-year-old known for the catchy “All About That Bass” has been songwriting for world-known musicians since she was still in high school. Just as impressively, Trainor can play guitar, ukulele, and percussion, reflected in the fusion of her sound—like bubblegum meets rap meets the Caribbean.

Expect cliffhanger lyrics and wit on Title. One moment Trainor is sing-song poetic, the next she throws in words like “tool,” “swagger,” and “hater,” making you feel like she’s as real as your friend at the college party. With effortless bravado and a clear sense of self-worth, her beats are energetic, but she can belt out a ballad, too.

In her songs you’ll hear about that night you did the “Walk of Shame,” a letter to a friend asking her to dump that boyfriend that’s no good for her (“No Good For You”), and that twisty feeling you get when the one you weren’t into shows up attractive and with a new “boo” (“Credit”).

Meghan Trainor’s album proves that while “All About that Bass” was her number one single, many more #1’s are waiting on the way. After all, on just one day after Title dropped, Ellen congratulated Trainor for reaching #1 album on the Billboard 200, a feat just 12 other female artists have done in history with a simultaneous #1 song.

For fans who love all types of music, Title is a perfect landing ground of raw and uninhibited fun.

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