Are Millenials Generation Wine?

Are Millenials Generation Wine?

Winemakers are beginning to love the Millennial generation, and for good reason. According to a number of studies, Millennials are downing vino in record numbers, and it’s beginning to change the way that wine is sold, enjoyed and even viewed.

The new interest in the Millennial generation means that smart wine companies are starting to figure out ways to cater to the younger crowd. The differences between old school wine attitudes and tastes and the new “Generation Wine” tastes are staggering, and it’s likely going to change the way that wine will be for the next generations.

Cost Is King

Interestingly enough, perhaps the biggest difference that people will notice with Millennial drinkers is that they are quick to refute the desire to buy expensive wine or assume that price has to be synonymous with wine quality. Partly due to budget and partly due to a different world view than their predecessors, Millennials seem to be perfectly fine with choosing low cost wines such as Barefoot and Gallo.

Though wine itself is still being viewed as an upscale purchase, the overall average price of a bottle sold is shrinking – and it’s all on the Millennials’ work.

It’s More Casual Than Ever

It was only about two decades ago that a bottle of wine signified a special occasion, a romantic date, or something else along those lines. These days, Millennials are beginning to view wine as a casual drink choice – much like beer, mixed drinks, or shots.

The casual attitude towards wine drinking has led to a number of changes in how wine is being packaged, sold, and even stored. Boxed wine is no longer the gauche taboo that it once was, since many Millennials find it easier to bring boxes of wine to a party than half a case of bottles.

Sweeter Is Better

In almost every study and every research undertaking done on the subject, it has been shown that Millennials love wine that is sweet. They are less likely to prefer the tannin-rich, earthy taste of wines that have been a bigger hit with older generations. That’s actually why Moscato has become one of the most frequently bought wines on the market. Other Millennial-friendly options include Prosecco and even Sangria mixes.

Millennials Still Love To Know About Their Wines Though

Older generations would probably think that Millennials aren’t into the idea of being a connoisseur. However, that’s only in the traditional sense. Millennials are still very much into the subtleties of wine flavors, and actually still maintain a healthy level of curiosity about how their wines are made, where they are made, and all the little details of the process.

So What Now?

It seems as though the Millennial generation will quickly turn wine from a celebration-only beverage into an everyday beverage. Sadly, most wines’ marketing endeavors have yet to actually catch up to the rapidly changing preferences of the new wine market. For some wine companies, this may mean watching their vino go off into obscurity. For others, it may just mean that they have a brand new clientele base that will keep their vineyards popular for the next couple of decades. We ourselves can’t always figure out which wines will be the winners and losers in trends, though. That is something that only time will tell.

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