Anime NYC – Anime is Here to Stay

Anime NYC - Anime is Here to Stay

So we finally made it out from under the covers, and the world isn’t so scary, after all. Emerging from a period of uncertainty and isolation, fans of anime and cosplay rejoiced as they gathered for the much-awaited Anime NYC event at the Javits Center in mid-November. The chilly weather did little to deter attendees from dressing up as their favorite characters, transforming the venue into a vibrant hub of cosplay creativity.

Anime NYC - Anime is Here to Stay

Attracting a staggering 55,000 visitors over the course of three days, Anime NYC went all out this year to ensure an unforgettable experience for both vendors and exhibitors. The event showcased an extensive range of products, with a palpable excitement surrounding the much-hyped presence of Gundam merchandise.

Anime NYC - Anime is Here to Stay

One of the standout exhibitors at the convention was Bandai Namco, who not only brought the Gundam Expo to Anime NYC but also set up a captivating Gundam pop-up filled with exclusive merchandise. This dynamic display attracted throngs of fans and quickly became the convention’s centerpiece. The larger-than-life Gundam Aerial and Wing Gundam models dominated the show floor, while the intense Gundam building competition saw talented participants vying for victory in an engaging and interactive atmosphere.

During the event, we had the opportunity to speak with Justin Cavender, Senior Marketing Manager at Bandai Namco, who shared insights about the company’s presence at Anime NYC and discussed their upcoming plans.

Anime NYC catered to fans of both classic anime, such as Naruto, Bleach, and Death Note, as well as newer series like Chainsaw Man, Demon Slayer, and Love is War. Many attendees fondly recalled how One Piece had been an integral part of their childhoods and expressed excitement about catching up on the latest content as adults.

As the curtains closed on Anime NYC, the sense of community and shared passion for all things anime was evident. It was heartening to see everyone coming together once again after a long hiatus, and anticipation is already building for next year’s event.

Anime NYC - Anime is Here to Stay

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