A Drinking Man’s Game: Unique Mimosas

A Drinking Man's Game: Unique Mimosas

Tis the season of the brunch and with spring here, it’s the perfect time to make some mimosas. I hit up my local shop of liquid goodies to scavenge for some prosecco. Looking for some inexpensive options, I scoured the champagne aisle. Being that this location is mostly know for spirits, the selection wasn’t as abundant as I’d have hoped. This location being a last resort, I kind of had to settle for the choices at hand. There were the usual options like Korbel and Martini & Rossi but to be honest those were a little bit more than what I wanted to spend for champagne. Now don’t get me wrong, in the right setting I’m like Gronk after a Super Bowl win, but these weren’t cutting it for what I was  trying to accomplish. I eventually enlisted one of the cashiers for some assistance.

The end result was Cavits Prosecco Lunetta, which I was familiar with from my server days. I figured that this was a safe bet without trepidation.  It’s always cool to go with a safe bet, especially when you’re making something as simplistic as mimosas. I mean how could you mess up a mimosa!? Unless you’re that guy and trust me I’m not that guy. Obviously the next step was to think of some cool mixers to create my mimosas with but I also had to consider that it was a bit late to hit a grocery store for more supplies. That’s when I visited  old faithful, 7 Eleven. Being that I live in a diverse area, I figured they would have at least some interesting mixers for purchase. With the generic mixer such as orange and apple in mind I wanted a bit of variation, so I also purchased some gauva juice, lychee necter and mango nectar.

I’m sure by now that you can tell that I’m super enthusiastic about any and everything having to do with alcohol and why not, it gets the creative juices flowing. Mixers in hand, I immediately started think of the many ways I could prepare these mimosas. The first up was the guava juice. Why not, being that it’s such a cool exotic beverage to experiment. Guava juice having a thick consistency, I knew exactly what to do to tone it down a bit. Frozen Mimosas! Now I must forewarn you that this is a little bit of a process. It’s actually not much but it does require some prep, epecially if you want your mimosas to come out perfect. You don’t want to disappoint those guests, right? Plus, if your going to do it why not do it big! Frozen mimosas call for freezing the mixer overnight. Yeah, I know but I want to drink it now! Trust me it will be worth the wait. Once the juice was frozen, all that was left was to blend the juice cubes with the prosecco. That’s it – all done! The mimosa turned just as I expected. It was a nice blend as the ice thinned out the guava juice. What was left was a refreshingly guava slushy spiked with greatness!

Although I also prepared an orange as well as apple mimosas, I felt they were a bit mundane. Everyone knows the traditional recipes of a mimosa and I didn’t want to bore. I jumped right into the lychee nectar and the mango nectar. Lychee is a fruit that I’m not too familiar with. If you are looking for a taste comparison, I would say that the flavor is like tasting a mix between a grape and a pear. The consistency was thick but nothing like the guava. I would liken it to the thickness of a grenadine. I treated this as I would any other mimosa using 2 ½ pour of the prosecco and a 2 ½ once pour of juice. Again, you can’t really mess up a mimosa. There are two factors during preparation; the flavor and your choice of champagne or prosecco. Choose wisely! As for the mango nectar this was an excellent choice. Me being a huge mango fan, I felt the flavor paired well with prosecco. It has the right consistency and the flavor is amazing. This is always the case when it comes to mangos. Mangos put me in a place of serenity, so to add them to prosecco created the perfect combination of flavors.

Without a doubt, Mimosas have to be the ultimate brunch drink. What I like about them is that even if you’re on a budget, you can still make a quality mimosa. I spent a total of $20, which included a bottle of Cavit Lunetta and 4 mixers. This yielded about 6 drinks. That right there is a win! I accomplished my goal of making some unique mimosas inexpensively. It’s not too late to pick up a bottle of some inexpensive prosecco or champagne and prepare a delicious selection of mimosas.

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