6 Reasons to Love Bruno Mars’ Unorthodox Jukebox Tour

  • You enjoy old school dance moves, including synchronized swishing left-and-right, and/or find it entertaining when grown men dance this way in groups (Mars’ band is truly talented, have great energy, and often clustered together to sing and jam in unison).
  •  You respect a variety of musical genres, from songs with a Motown feel and the use of brass     instruments, to tunes that transports you to the islands, to short mash-ups of 90’s and 2000’s songs (Ginuwine’s “Pony” and R. Kelly’s “Ignition” are just two examples). In moments, Mars’ “Show Me” transformed from happy reggae to reminiscent of a slow, serious Michael Jackson.
  •  You are over the “party scene” of concerts or belong to any of the following groups: The 20-something girls who are out on the town, parents of children younger than 18, the couple on a special date night, 50 or 60-somethings looking for the nostalgia of what music was once like. If you’re looking to just grab a drink, kick back, and enjoy a show (not a mosh pit), by all means, join in.

Note: About taking your children, be advised that Mars is not afraid to sing F-bombs—think the original of “Billionaire.”

  • You want to “move, shake, and get sweaty,” as Mars declares at the start of the show is the reason he performs for you, out in the audience.
  • You enjoy a few theatrical quirks, such as those in the opening act: Mars was welcomed with a gold glitter palm tree curtain, the pounding of drums, an electronic flapping bird, and the sounds of monkeys, setting a jungle-like mood. Another fun addition: one number was sung through a megaphone, giving it an eclectic sound.
  • You long to see a performer who can deliver just as well live as in the studio. If none of the above reasons appealed to you already, Mars’ smooth-like-butter voice speaks for itself on stage, every time.