Top 5 Affordable Sweatsuits for this Winter

Top 5 Affordable Sweatsuits for this Winter

With winter quickly approaching and living on the east coast you need to be prepared. Three things that stand out the most when purchasing that frigid weather wear are comfort, style, and affordability. As I coast through the streets of Manhattan I see people bundled up after this drastic drop in temperature over the past few weeks. It all seemed to happen overnight. That blend of comfort and style without breaking the bank is something I look for all year around. Sweatsuit and active wear have made life manageable through long days in a variety of settings. As much as everyone has their own preference and unique style there seem to be some brands that continue to serve and satisfy us all when it comes to sweat suits for this season. 


Top 5 Affordable Sweatsuits for this Winter

I think it’s obvious there is no way to construct this list without including Nike. When it comes to Nike, the first thing that comes to mind should be their “Nike Tech” line. Since it’s inception this line has been one of the most touted, and impressive lines worldwide. At any given moment the season you are guaranteed to see a Nike Tech piece being sported no matter where you are. Nike Tech is placed at a moderate price point ranging from $200-$250. The line has been known for its fashionable design, comfortable material and catering wide variety of buyers due to its versatility.


Top 5 Affordable Sweatsuits for this Winter

Adidas has always been a top athletic wear supplier globally. From the famous track suits to their Trefoil hoodies and sweatpants, Adidas has continuously set the bar high as a brand. This fall Adidas has brought back one of their most popular designs, the TNT tape hoodie and suit. Any Adidas subscriber will know how rare this design is. When initially released, it immediately sold out, and has been hell to get a hold of since. This design features a tape with the famous Trefoil design running along said tape. Adidas has placed this design at an affordable $170 for the entire set ($80 for the bottom , $90 for the top). Of course there a wider selection for fall/winter to get familiar with, but for my money the TNT tape design is a must have.



In addition to Nike and Adidas, Puma has also made an enticing name for itself as a brand. It’s been a solid overall year for the brand, with consistent growth and quality work. From collaborations with other brands, to exclusives with top artists, Puma has spread it’s wings across almost every playing field and I love it. This year alone we have seen releases with Bape, Rihanna, Big Sean, The Weekend, Ferarri and BMW. The BMW Motorsport track and sweatsuits stand out to me. With it’s unique colorway and design, it’s definitely one that will catch eyes when it’s worn. The design has been in high regard and demand since fall 2016 and doesn’t seem to be losing steam anytime soon. At a price point of $160-$180 we can all say that Puma has a winner on their hands.

PINK By Victoria’s Secret

Top 5 Affordable Sweatsuits for this Winter

Now you know I would not forget about our women. I know around this time of year you love a good sweatsuit set as much as anyone. So when we think of a fashionable, affordable, and comfortable option for you, Pink jumps out to me immediately. PINK by Victoria’s Secret has become a staple for women’s sweat suits. Making comfort while remaining appealing is the cornerstone of their line. They have seldom missed the mark with any of their releases . PINK’s latest design includes a floral sparkling accent on its classic sweatsuit giving it an edge compared to a lot of its competitors. These desirable sweatsuits are priced at $110 – $160.



Top 5 Affordable Sweatsuits for this Winter

Last but definitely not least Superdry takes the remaining spot. The British international clothing brand that pushed the traditional envelope with their designs and graphics was definitely a needed inclusion. For those who aren’t as familiar, Superdry has been around for quite some time and in my eyes deserves much more mainstream attention than they get at times. Around this time last year Superdry released their latest design “Gym Tech”. The Gym Tech has a sleek fitted sweatsuit which includes a track jacket or hoodie and sweatpants options. This line features a hoodie with a bungee cord adjustable hood and three unique pockets, two in the front one in the back surprisingly. The line screams high performance and comfort. This sweatsuit is priced at $160, which is a steal for the quality provided.

Low temperatures can quickly lead to high price purchases due to feeling the pressure of getting warmer gear as soon as you can. Let us know what’s your favorite fall-winter sweatsuit on the market right now.

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