The Killer Price Of Heels


It’s no mystery that we women sometimes choose what’s fashionable over what’s comfortable. Most women have had her moment of weakness in the shoe department. While walking through the mall, you’ll inevitably spot a pair of sexy high heels that you just know will look fabulous. Within moments of trying them on, it becomes clear that by the end of a long night, your feet will pay a painful price if you wear them.  A lot of ladies see the cuts and bumps, but what’s the real long-term damage? A true fashionista will swear by her heels, and, likely, will never give them up for good—but, with today’s heels higher than ever, we may want to take a moment to look down and see what our pretty pumps are really doing to our feet.

According to the American Osteopathic Organization, one in ten women wear high heels three days a week and one-third have actually fallen because of them (Yikes!) If you’re someone who wears heels often, the forced bend of your toes in an unnatural position leads anywhere from ingrown toenails to something more severe, like irreversible damage to the tendons in your legs. That cute pair of heels that make your legs look miles long, can cause a ‘pump bump.’ This is the knot you will end up seeing on the back of your heel, caused by the strap of your shoe. The pressure your feet will experience just from wearing 3-inch heels, increases to as much as 76 percent. The amount of pressure is what causes the swelling and plethora of blisters. In addition to hurting your feet, you may end up experiencing pain in your calves, knees and even your back.

I know this is scary info, ladies. There is, however, you can wear your heels without sacrificing your feet. Wear your heels in moderation. Even if you’re the biggest heel aficionado in the world who would never dream of wearing another type of shoe, give your poor feet a break and replace your go to sky high pumps with a chunkier heel. The thicker your heel, the more stable you’ll be, thus, eliminating more stress. Try not to wear heels if you know you’ll be on your feet for a long time. Keep an extra pair of cute, but comfortable, shoes on you or in your car when you go out. You should purchase shoe inserts as well. There are shoe inserts crafted specifically for high heels. Making these little tweaks to your wardrobe will help out not only your feet, but also your whole body. So, get out there and work your best pair of heels tonight and then tomorrow, give your feet a well-deserved break.

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